Let's Play Fallout 1.5: Resurrection - Part 1 [New Hope - English Walkthrough]





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Published on Jul 16, 2016

Developers Site: http://resurrection.cz/en/
Moddb: http://www.moddb.com/mods/fallout-15-...

Developers explanation of the game:

War. War never changes.
After the Master's death several towns succumbed to the eastward rampage of supermutants. Many humans died defending their homes.
The hatred humans hold towards all mutants has grown to immense proportions.
Anyone showing signs of mutation is met with open hostility.
The towns and settlements to the east of the slowly developing NCR have also been marked by their western neighbors' problems.
This region, known before the Great War as New Mexico, however, is troubled by greater problems with a different enemy.
You know nothing about this threat, while it knows everything about you.
One thing is certain, though. You must change this. Otherwise, your ignorance will be the end of you.

A new old school Fallout game - that's Fallout 1.5: Resurrection, a mod for Fallout 2. The player’s character wakes up, heavily wounded in a dark cave, not knowing how they got there, or who they are. Starting from scratch the player has to search for their forgotten past, with a mysterious talisman as the only clue.

As big fans of Fallout we've tried to take the best from all the classic Fallouts. Easter Eggs and jokes, with which Fallout 2 was literally overfilled, will retreat into the background and instead, the great atmosphere of decadence and hopelessness, which we all so much enjoyed in the first Fallout, will return. The world is still chaotic, with only small independent communities, connected only by trade relations. It’s an unfriendly place, where the law is on the side of whoever has the biggest gun.

The name Resurrection was chosen for two reason: firstly, resurrection is related to the main character, which at the beginning practically rises from the dead; secondly, it’s a resurrection of the good old Fallout. We don’t want to re-do the whole system. Our aim is to bring this classic back in its original form. Many remember the feeling when they first played Fallout; until you completed the game, you kept going through interesting locations full of fascinating things, and even after several play-throughs you kept finding new stuff. Players could really get into such a game, and that’s exactly the kind of a game we striven to create.

Developer FAQS:
Where and when does Resurrection take place?
Time-wise Resurrection is set between Fallout 1 and 2. Geographically it takes place in New Mexico, therefore east of the future NCR, and the Fallout 1 map.

How big is the game?
The number and size of locations is similar to Fallout 1. However, the number of quests - and the number of ways to solve them - is much greater than in Fallout 1.

What is the estimated play time?
Beta testers, who were the first to play through the game, estimate that Resurrection is around 25 hours long during normal gameplay. However, as with the original Fallout games, there are many ways to solve quests and many quests you may not discover at first. That means Resurrection's play time will be different for every player, and it's worthwhile to play through it several times.

Are there any new graphics and art?
Yes, there are some.

Are there new perks, traits or reputation titles?
There are new reputation titles and a few new perks.

What currency is used in-game?
Caps, as they appeared in Fallout 1. Coins belong to a later time, in areas occupied by the NCR.

Do the Brotherhood of Steel or Enclave make an appearance?
The Brotherhood and Enclave aren't present in the time nor places in which Resurrection is set. However, you'll meet other organizations with access to advanced technology.

Will we meet any known characters from the original Fallouts?
As mentioned above, Resurrection takes place in a different places than the original Fallouts. However, people don't always stay in one place. It's possible that you might meet some known characters from Fallout 1. It won't be a given thing though, such encounters should be quite rare, and thus (hopefully) more interesting.

Are there party members (NPCs that follow the player)?
Yes. There are less of them than in Fallout 2, but their characters are a lot more developed.

If a party member has a higher skill level than the player, are they able to use it in the player's stead (as was possible in Fallout 2)?
Yes, that is possible.

Is it possible to play after completing the main plot line?
No. Just like Fallout 1, Resurrection doesn't allow players to continue playing once the main quest has concluded. There is good reason for it in the story.

Are there holodisks, vaults, varied (and non-lethal) quest solutions, multiple endings, etc?
Yes. We consider these, and similar things, to be essential components of Fallout. It wouldn't really be Fallout without them.

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