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Published on Jul 28, 2012

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"I rise joyfully to meet each new opportunity."

It is said that you are only as young as your back is flexible. Bhujangasana, or the Cobra pose, will provide a flexible back as well as strengthen the shoulders and arms..

This is a basic yoga posture. It is very easy to do especially if your back is not too stiff and rigid.

Cobra pose allows us to unlock our inner strength and beauty, it blossoms with our inner radiance. Ancient yogic teachings explain that we have an inner divine light that
shines brighter than a thousand suns. It is only veiled from us by the mind, which attaches to things that limit our perceptions of our self. From doing yoga, we learn to
explore and break through these attachments, the boundaries that limit us physically, mentally and spiritually.

To perform the Asana .......

Assume a prone position with your forehead on the floor and feet hip-width apart or less. Place your palms on the floor beside your chest, elbows close at your sides. Gently
lengthen back through your legs during the entire pose.

On an inhalation, curl your torso off the floor in three stages:
First use your neck muscles to lift your head as far as possible .
Then use your upper back muscles to lift your chest as far as possible.
Finally, press the pubis into the floor and use your lower back to lift you up as far as possible, without lifting the navel from the floor.
Use your arms to provide stability and support, but not to push yourself up into the pose. Keep your elbows in at your sides, shoulders relaxed away from your ears, and

shoulder blades spread wide. Gaze softly upward, keeping the back of your neck long.
Breathe smoothly and naturally as you hold the pose, and affirm mentally, "I rise joyfully to meet each new opportunity."

To complete the asana, inhale and lengthen your spine ...... on the exhalation release your torso slowly back to the floor.Keep the pose for two seconds, gradually
increasing to ten seconds. Do it from two to seven times, adding one time every 14 days.

Pause in the prone position and integrate the effects of the pose.
It is useful to recall that a cobra has no limbs, it moves from the action of the muscles along the spine. The spine lifts from its own internal impetus. The cobra lifts his body,
he looks up, he draws back, he's ready to strike. Likewise, draw up your energy with the fluid flow of the breath, and strike at the doors of higher consciousness.

The asana works effectively on a physical and mental level ........
The asana strengthens the muscles of the shoulders, neck, and back Develops flexibility of the cervical vertebrae

Corrects deviations of the spine
Improves circulation to the intervertebral discs
Expands the chest and develops elasticity of the lungs
Helps relieve lower back pain, constipation, stomach pains, gas pains, and backaches
Affects the adrenal glands, sending them a richer supply of blood.
Tones ovaries, uterus and liver.
The muscles of the back, abdomen and entire upper body are strengthened .

Aids in relief and elimination of menstrual irregularities.
Relieves constipation, Limbers spine and has a therapeutic effect for asthma patients.

Traditional texts say that Bhujangasana increases body heat, destroys disease, and awakens kundalini. But or the side of caution it is important to stress that people

suffering from peptic ulcer, hernia, intestinal tuberculosis or hyperthyroidism should not practice this Asana without expert guidance.

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