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Published on Mar 2, 2008

Steve Vai performs "Bad Horsie" from the DVD "Alien Love Secrets" featuring full-length performance videos of every song from the "Alien Love Secrets" EP.

The DVD includes:

• 7 Performance Videos
• 5.1 Surround & Stereo Mixes
• Alternate Video Angles
• Feature-length Commentary
• Interview with Steve Vai

"Alien Love Secrets" is available through all major music retailers such as Amazon.com, and also through the official Steve Vai website: http://www.vai.com


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Horace Bumbleshoe
Band: We learned the song. We're ready to play it. Vai: Okay, but you will also need to dress up as gay silver robots with me. Band: What? Do we have to? Vai: Yes or find a new job. Band: Jesus Christ... Vai: And just fyi I will be making Steve-Vai-sexy-time horsey facial expressions throughout the video.
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Martha Schultz
Wendy Owens - FFS lighten up. You're going to give women in the business a bad name. You cannot be working for anyone good with your attitude. He does look rather silly with the silver paint - doesn't diminish his talent. Ian is quite right "how many albums did you sell" is really lame. If you really are in the business - you would know sales has nothing to do with talent. Some of the bands I worked with just didn't get past the first album, others went multi platinum. A lot of it was just plain luck.
Feminist idiots sucking all the life out of the world.
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Fabricio Giampietro
If you look closer he is holding The Pick Of Destiny
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Antoine Gottraux
Pink Floyd
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Educa PW
I hope the Guitar he is using has more than 18 years old
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Lenny Criollo
Either you copied that comment somewhere, or some other dipshit copied it from you. Because it appears on every single Steve Vai video on Youtube.
Gio Dude
All these comments are originally funny. My lungs need replacement soon; from laughing.
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Chris Stayner
I just love how raw this is. So aggressive and heavy.
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Sam Pink
+Shadowborg Earplugs would've been nice, true.
I saw him in 2004, and I indeed up right under one of the PA's. I unfortunately couldn't hear his playing much because my ears were ringing. Took me about six months to get my hearing back to 100 percent.
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Juan Luis Montejo Gómez
I work with horses, and I assure you this a pretty accurate description of a misbehaving foal
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Allegra Feiro
Juan Luis Montejo Gómez let him be a faggot horse fucker if he wants douche
And dont be a faggot horse fucker on youtube
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lnas 18
you will arrive to the gates of valhalla CHROME AND SHINY
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witness meee
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Steve Vai reminds me of the Terminator with that makeup.
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Tony Powell
+Alloy Brendan I think you mean Godminator!
The Sil-Vai Surfer!
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Geezus, I hope that guitar was at least 18...
Gabriel 33 Jesus
johnm356 eu tô aqui
Albert Hofmann
The first 20 seconds are a reference to "Crossroads" movie.
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+Albert Hofmann thanks captain obvious
Russhill Brand
+Albert Hofmann immediately thought this the second i heard it. Excellent film, excellent riff! well spotted :)
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Rusty Hansen
U tube needs to make a special double thumbs up for Vai's channel.
Chetanya Bhan
Rusty Hansen best part was that it djents a little!!!
Alexis Zikas
double jump of Kratos, now this?!?
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