The Sex Starved Wife: Husband Not Interested in Sex?





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Published on May 8, 2010


Is your husband not interested in sex?

Low sexual desire in men is America's best kept secret. Millions of men don't want sex with their wives. The problem is, men simply don't want to talk about their low sex drives with their wives, health care professionals, or anyone else for that matter. This leaves women feeling alone and lonely. This video explains this sexual problem in marriage and offers sex-starved wives several tips for bridging the desire gap.

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Are you a sex starved wife?

A while back I wrote a book called the Sex-Starved Marriage where I described what happens in marriage when one spouse has a much higher sex drive than the other. In that book I devoted about five pages to the unique challenges of women when they're the ones with higher. And based on that small amount of coverage I was inundated with e-mails and calls from women saying "thank you so much for bringing up this issue. I thought I was the only one whose husband wasn't chasing them around the living room with an erection."

So often you go into a locker room and you hear men complaining about their wives not wanting sex or having headaches. If you listen into women's conversations over lunch they're always saying that their husbands are animals, they always want sex. But do you know why that is? Low desire in men is America's best kept secret. Millions of men aren't interested in having sex, they just aren't talking about it.

I did a study with Redbook Magazine and you know what we found? Two thirds of the women that responded in this study said they wanted sex at least as much if not more than their husbands. We found some other things that were very interesting as well. Men, when they have low desire, aren't willing to discuss the problem. They don't want to talk about it with their wives, they don't want to call their health care professionals. They just don't want to talk about it. You know why? They feel so much shame because in our culture masculinity is often equated to virility. It strikes terror into the hearts of men to think they're not interested in sex - it is a taboo subject. This leaves the problem unresolved and their wives are exasperated. Interestingly enough, women don't even talk to their girlfriends about it. They're embarrassed thinking they're the only ones and they don't want to embarrass their husbands.

So what's a woman to do when she's having this problem and her heart is aching and her husband won't talk and he won't get help. The first thing she needs to do is have her husband watch this video. Because I'm saying what you've been saying for a very long time, only maybe he'll hear it coming from me. The second thing is to urge your husband to get a physical check up.

I know what you're thinking about when I say that. You're thinking, "yeah right I can't get my husband to go to a doctor. Men don't go to doctors unless they've lost a limb or they're bleeding to death." That's probably true, but I've talked to a lot of women who've talked to their husband and said "please just go for a physical check up," and he would say, "okay," but he doesn't make an appointment. If your husband has said he's willing to get a physical check up, use that as license for you to pick up the phone, make an appointment, and get him in the car. But women often say, "I don't want to be his mother." You're not his mother, you're tipping over the first domino. You're getting him the help he needs so he can begin to address the issue. Take charge, take the first step.

Secondly, if you're having trouble getting through to your husband, call a Divorce Busting Coach who can help you come up with a plan to approach your husband in a loving way so that he doesn't feel threatened, so that you're not hurting his ego, his ego is hurting enough. Your Divorce Busting Coach will help you figure out exactly what you should say or do so when you approach your husband he will listen and he will be more responsive. Being distant physically is really difficult in a relationship and I know you're having a hard time. Do something now to make things better. You can be closer physically and your relationship will heal.

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