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Uploaded on Nov 28, 2011

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Track from the album "Music From Your Disappointing Future". You can download this track and the entire album for free here: http://www.purevolume.com/UncleTairy/...


My pride mirrors that of a guy that couldn't be fly if he tried
Believe me, I tried it at one time
Never was quite the expert at diving in thighs
And certainly can't contain the suspicion behind my eyes
When I see a dime approaching my area
I'm frustrated by rejection, its not that I'm scared of ya
She's probably just wondering why I was eyein' her friend
Throwing in words like creepy, asshole, and stop it
So let's just drop it, 'cus I'm just here to drop shit
Ma'am, I ain't rich and I ain't swayed by your fake tits
I'm not very secure and its not that I hate you
But I can tell you're not one of the few that I'd relate to
Yea, that's what I say in my head as I walk away
When in reality I snapped some images for the hand crank
That I can't wait to unleash when I'm feeling my lowest
Baby, you can call me a creep while I blow this
I'm professionally trained to get in and blow it
Perverted fucks, I ain't talking bout my nuts, its when I show this
Side of myself, mix it with some lonely and gentle
Take a chicks heart for a spin under a rental
Contract, eventually I'll ruin what we had
'Cus I'm either an asshole or prospective dad
One minute I want kids, the next some new hips
Forcing myself into relationships as an anti-pimp

How'd you like to waste a chunk of your life?
You can dig at my surface, file nails on Mr. Right
I'll fix your plights, you won't meet Mr. Hyde
Until its too late and I've hung a fixture inside
There won't be a kiss goodbye, a quick goodnight
I'll fuck up the timing and drift out of your sight
Rejection is life, the rains made me realize
I'm an anti-pimp, avoiding the sunlight

Fuck it, my ego's too pale for the sun anyway
My lips are too chapped to touch much of anything
If I keep making these poor investments while my head spins
New girls won't last longer than the pilot did
I've gotta stop letting these pretty faces into my spaces
And quit while I'm ahead and we're still just friends
The problem is I don't keep my friends around for too long
As I grow thicker skin every time I'm forced to move on
I cave up with new songs, write lyrics to prove I'm
Slept on like futons, clip you out like a coupon
And use you just the same to discount my brain's
Lack of self-respect that I've let swell into pain
Maybe I'm stressed, but guesses don't really matter
The fact is I can be charming enough when I'm hammered
I'll shower you with compliments in an attempt to flatter
Myself into a higher rung while climbing your ladder
I've gotta start looking at where the ladders lead
Instead of gripping the steel and trying to believe
'Cus man, I get tired about halfway up
And the trip back down ain't too much, so I run
Away from the steps in the pursuit of a career
Dive into my work, write rhymes for the weirdos
'Cus hell, if you can't relate to this then you must be a pimp
And I've spent my entire life becoming something opposite
I want enough cheese to make the lips on these ladies
Cream fill their panties from the labia to the knees
I'll keep the cash for me while pursuing my dreams
Please remove your fake tan from my vicinity
This is how I'm living, see, it ain't glamorous yet
You won't see me getting head inside a new Corvette
But you will see turrets protecting my insignificance
Insecure, lacking confidence, the anti-pimp

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