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Published on Feb 10, 2009

Barking and walking in her sleep

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Kari Henderson
I'm a vet student. Most seizures occur while dogs are sleeping. I'm taking neurology right now and based in this dogs history of having multiple episodes these DO seem to be seizures. Please have him seen by a vet. It may seem funny but seizures are traumatic to a dog and can be life threatening. 
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Margaret Holtje
Adrian N. yes, they are called (among other things) absence seizures or petit mal seizures.
Henrique Nunes
Have you graduated yet? Did the diploma change your invalid opinion?
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some ppl are so irritating.. suddenly they pull out a doctors degree and start giving diagnosis.. stop jumpin to conclusion.. pet owners are the most responsible ppl, the first sign of a strange behavior and we get the vet involved.. sleep running/barkin is seen in almost all dogs.. the more vivid the dream the more they act out.. mine dreams of eating ice cream or drinkin water, at times he's laying there licking the air. 
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+aceace999 lol naive, i can say the same about you to even consider such horrible people who neglect/abuse as pet owners.. those are a shame to humans, its torture.. a pet owner takes these little ones into the family and cares for them as their own children.. & exactly as you said "It is up to the responsible pet owner to determine whether a behavior is weird or out of the ordinary", so random presumptuous/rude youtube comments directed at the pet owner is not needed. not yours but there are many on the video and my comment was on those people..
The problem here, actually, is I am not assuming that you haven't taken the dog to the vet and that you somehow skewed my words to be that way. I'm simply saying that I agree with others that this dog should see the vet and share the same concern for this dog's health. It's a defense on behalf of others who are worried for the dog's odd behavior. As you said, he/she has been to the vet, so great. No where did I say that he/she hasn't been to the vet or that you are a bad owner; in fact, I said that I am not saying that you are a bad owner. Please do not make assumptions. Indeed, "how arrogant of you!"
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Aegis Mora
Goddamn people, it's not having a seizure. A seizure involves twitching and convulsing of muscles. The brain waves aren't scrambled in a seizure-like fashion since the dog is making complete body machinations rather than lying on the ground twitching.
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Aegis Mora Oh my God I know right!!! People can be so ignorant and then comment on videos like they know every damn thing!!!
Kara Gurden
He is twitching
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I wonder what it was chasing? Looks like it was hauling ass after something and then caught up with it and had a stand off.
lol i was thinking the same thing
animal planet says they SAW a vet and they said the dog was just fine. So they got her a helmet and she sleeps on the lower floor so the noise doesnt wake them up.
Michelle Power
+TheJonesChannel11 If you check all the other videos for Bizkit the sleepwalking dog, you'll notice it's not a normal thing for a dog to do this. So it's always good to go to a doctor when something's irregular. Plus, the dog could really hurt itself. I know there's medication for humans when it comes to sleepwalking. The brain is supposed to paralyze the muscles when dreaming, so we don't act out what we're dreaming of. This is a way for the body to fully rest the muscles. If the dog isn't getting full rest requirements, health issues could eventually arise from that. Soooo.... not just a nightmare!
The dog just had a nightmare I'm sure. I don't understand why they'd have to take it to a vet.
Yeah, that awkward dream where your food bowl tries to bite your ass... I know it all too well. And yes, I eat out of a bowl. xD
Clevar person
isn't it that condition some humans get? where the body doesn't paralyse itself during sleep? It kills me to see that dog distressed
Joe Smith
That dog won't remember a thing.  It's asleep.  The paralysis which normally occurs during dreaming is obviously not fully working.  Doctors can't fix that.  They can knock out the dog with heavy drugs, but they'll probably ruin a lot of his waking hours too feeling groggy, and probably expensive too.  There's a lot of illnesses and conditions such where nothing really can be done.  It's just part of life.  The dog isn't suffering.
she would be just as distressed if she were paralysed. she won't remember any of this once she comes to.
He really needs to see a vet, it's a sleeping illness
Everyone please leave the poor dog alone there's is nothing wrong with him/her so can you just give it a bloody rest. If I was the person who uploaded this I would be horrified, people making horrible comments about my dog and telling me that I'm being cruel to him/her so everyone shut up and leave the poor dog alone
pray tell how you know there is nothing wrong with the dog? the uploader easily could preface this video with more information indicating they have responsibly had the issue looked into if they wish to avoid nasty comments. fact is, any comment, nasty or nice, is making this individual some cool hard cash so they are probably inviting it.
armyman Gio
One time I was sleep walking got a knife and stated stabbing the toilet and when I woke up I realized I cut myself because in the bath tub there was blood and blood on myself
armyman Gio
Yeah I talked to a psychologist and it turns out the reason I do sleep walk is because I have problems falling asleep
Please go get help. My friend did something similar and nearly killed herself.
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