ME3: The Top 20 Questionable Things Part 1





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Published on Jun 30, 2012

Things that just made me go "huh?" Your mileage may vary.

Oh, and if you have any comments you'd like to make beyond the youtube limit, I started up a blog to help facilitate that. Yes, I know, it sucks.


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James Gardner
I agree with some of your points, especially the one about Tali's appearance, and I disagree with other points. However, the one point that I really disagree with is the last point you made - the point about Shepard's sexuality. While Shepard shows no inclinations toward bisexuality in the first two games, he doesn't specifically show any tendencies AGAINST it, either. At no point does he say "I'm straight" or "I'm not attracted to men." It is believable, and possible in the real world, for two people who had previously considered each other friends to grow attracted in changing circumstances (explaining the mood shift between Kaidan and Shepard in ME3). Meanwhile, out of universe, it's understandable that Bioware would change their stance on homosexuality between Mass Effects 1 and 3. Attitudes have shifted since that interview in 2010, both inside and outside the studio. Making a gay option isn't as controversial now as it once was. Finally, you really don't need to have a gay Shepard at all. It's a dialogue OPTION, nothing more. Calling your Shepard gay just because the option is there is the same as calling your paragon Shepard a murderer just because it gives you the choice to shoot people, or calling him a woman beater because you had that renegade option to punch that female reporter in the mouth. He's only what you want him to be.
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+prink34320 Fine. The point was that this is a change from how it was originally written. I'm glad you see that.
+DownwithMarx It doesn't really matter now, in Mass Effect 3 Sheppard's sexuality is completely determined by the player.
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So how many dislikes are just because you dared to question homosexual pandering compared to real dislikes you think?
Welp, I think calling Bioware lazy and idiotic on literally the first item of the list was dislikable already.
I think it would be nifty if Tali looked like a Prawn from District 9. Imagine. Shepherd actually grows to love her without seeing her, actually getting to know her, and she's not even conventionally beautiful by human standards! That's a fine theme for the way Shepherd is supposedly uniting the sentient races, right?
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+bcount1 No Tali lover would say that. The worse thing I thought Bioware could do to Tali if they revealed her face was make her some hideous alien, a furry, or didn't bother to try. 
That's what I thought! It was so disappointing to find out she looked human. I kept imaging a scary ass alien under that mask.
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Barney Collington
Jesus, people really don't like honest criticism judging from the dislike bar
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Barney Collington The other reason for disliking is Smudboy calling people who disagrees with him and who like ME2 and ME3 idiots.
+Barney Collington People just think ME3 is "95%" perfect.
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+smudboy Bioware always intended to make Shepard possibly gay. The audio files of gay dialog are still present (hidden) on the ME1 disk. They just chickened out at the last moment. Shepard is not fully predefined. But Kaiden should not have suddenly turned bisexual. That was just odd.
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I don't mean to be so late, but the reason why they have gay dialogue (I believe) is because they needed someone to read the romance lines for Kaidan, so they got Mark Meer to do it
István Mága
They should have sticked to their original decision. I played through ME1 and 2 without any romance so it was very out of character to suddenly fall in love with Kaiden. It felt unnatural. 
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Alpha-Dog Pepe
Bioward fantards and sjw's clearly got a hold of the dislike button lol
Hilarious how the Biodrones come here getting all outraged never providing counter arguments and just go "herp derp you haetz ME!".
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agree. Fanboy like Revan Allaire and Renji for example. Nuisances.
+Linkenski Then I will never bother with Bioderp again. Simple.
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Some people just choose to be ignorant and shove a stick up their ass, huh? Nit-picking ruins the experience for everyone, and the fact that you insist on ignoring valid counterarguments is just dumb.
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poopchute mcgroot
Oh lol I forgot about this argument
There were no valid counterarguments.
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Really? You don't get why Ashley's face was bruised after the Eva attack? She was wearing a helmet as her head was being bashed into a wall. HER HEAD IS CONSTANTLY HITTING THE FRONT AND BACK OF THE HELMET...AND HARD. How would her face not be bruised?
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+Sgt. Anria Well, he was kinda heavily smashed by a an android, meaning the blows would be a lot harder than a human/alien's, so there may be quite a few.
Sgt. Anria
+RadicalMortal Yeah, bruises are pretty easy to come by, but padding can divert some of the force, thereby reducing pain and bruising. Not a whole lot, but somewhat.
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I agree with the plot points and the sexuality thing but minor glitches like the head turning is just nit-picking. All games have glitches.
Peter The Suicidal Assault Marine
+dingoatemybaby E.D.I head turning made since after all she's using a "robot body" and at some points kind of funny.
the head turning happened so many times..  it just freaked me out
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