Final Fantasy 13-2 DLC Lightning & Amodar - Operation XIII-2





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Published on May 7, 2012

I Finally got my hands on some 13-2 DLC now its time for Lightning & Amodar!

Paradigm's used:

Cerberus - COM, COM, COM (Chichu)
Relentless Assault - COM, RAV, RAV (Cloudburst)
Salvation - MED, MED, MED (Green Chocobo)
Tri Disaster - RAV, RAV, RAV (Cloudburst)
Consolidation - SEN, SEN, MED (Green Chocobo)

Weapons/Accessories Preferred:
Noel: In Paradisum or Odinblade (Higher levels) or Romulus & Remus (ATB Rate + 50%) (Lower level parties that prefer faster ATB recharge Rate)
Serah: Odinbolt or Arcus Chronica (Higher levels) or Indrajt (ATB Rate + 50%) (Lower level parties that prefer faster ATB recharge Rate)

Noel: Durable Brawler's Wristband x2 (Strength + 20%)
Serah: Durable Shaman's Mark x2 (Magic + 20% Buff duration +8%)

For the first part of this fight you face Lightning Alone at this time nothing to worry about just take her down around 20% then the real fight begins

Once Amodar joins in on the fight things get harder, as you can tell Amodar likes doing area damage, So for our first target we will be taking down Amodar start off with Relentless Assault to start building up the chain gauge then switch to Tri Disaster to get his chain gauge up as fast as possible switch to salvation if any party members need healing especially after Amodar's Chain Gun attack which deals quite alot of damage,
Once Amodar has been Staggered the fight gets easier both Lightning and Amodar are able to be Launched when staggered so we switch to Cerberus and let him be Launched in the air till his HP has been depleted you shouldn't have much trouble here. Once Amodar has Been dealt with lightning will use a new phase which is called "Limit Breach" I suggest you start healing now as you guessed it she will now use her Army of One once on a random party member which is possible of dealing heavy damage if you are low on HP so switch to Consolidation as soon as healing has been done, now its a matter of staggering her too, so Continue with Relentless Assault then switch to Tri Disaster and Repeat until shes staggered now you are able to defeat her in one stagger so of course switch to Cerberus and finish her off you may kill her with a Feral Link ability if you wish to increase the chances of gaining both their crystals.

Also you don't have to take Amordar down first, it simply will be harder if you deal with Lightning first but which ever you take down last has the highest chance of the crystal for them being obtained


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