Towing, 2010 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty Pickup Launch. 10.20.09





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Published on Oct 23, 2009

Journalist test towing capability at launch of 2010 Ram HD pickups, 2500 and 3500. Ypsilanti, MI. 10.20.09

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Franky M
Nice Brand New Truck Dodge Ram Heavy Duty 2010
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Isiac Baldanella
loved the rams since 2003 they are monster's..since they came out with their new transmissions they are the best trucks IMO..you can not beat the Cummins diesel period (dodge carries the best engines) and now with the G56 Transmission they are the best out there and with all new interior designs they can't be beaten..the only thing going for Found On Road Dead (Ford) is well ugghhh nothing but their fanboys, but i do have to say Gay-Mans Cab (GMC) does have the proven transmission
D Taylor
Not a Dodge fan at all, but can't beat the Cummins...best there is
@RM250D8rzr There's not use argueing with morons (they just don't get it) I have arseholes whom I happen to be related (unfortunately) and they rather push a Ford than drive a pickup with a real diesel. But thats them, I wonder how many 6.0L P.S you see out in the junkyard under the hood of a super duty?
David Eakins
@The2001cobra go test drive a cummins then test driive a new ford and tell me the inline motor doesnt feel as torquey as a v8 design. im done argueing with you. if v8s where so great we would of seen em where REAL diesels are put to work. 85% of them are inline motors
David Eakins
@The2001cobra inline engines make peek torque at a lower rpm then v8's do. less rpm = better effeciency and better emissions. the only reason ram has the worst fuel economy is becuase they only need to use the old regen cycle that injects diesel fuel into the exhaust. ford and chevy use def fluid. ford had a harder time geting there engines to meet emmissions then cummins did. dont tell me a 7.3 power stroke or 6.0 is better on emmisions then a 5.9 or 6.7cummins diesel. 
@RM250D8rzr False straight sixs don't make the most torque they where just cheaper to make hence they where used but now they are 4v's and are just as expensive to make plus they weigh about 300 more pounds. Big rigs don't have light duty emissions if they did they wouldn't and couldn't use big straight six's. Couple years from now the ram will be sporting a V-8 diesel its inevitable. You need displ. to make power and the cummins has reached its displ. limit while meeting EPA regs.
@RM250D8rzr Dude read before posting why do you think dodge has two cummins right now because of EPA. DEF fluid is comin in the ram soon as they make the HO variation standard DEF will be with it, its already with the 4500/5500's that use the HO cummins since 2010. The V-styles burn more efficient buddy WHY do you think the world has dropped the straight sixs minus BMW. Less moving parts what two rods and two pistons thats it.
David Eakins
@The2001cobra dodge doesnt need DEF fluid.... what are you talking about they cant keep up with emmissions? they have less shit of them then the new fords do. go smell a v8 ford exhaust from a 7.3 and 6.0 and then smell a 5.9 dodge and tell me which one has less shit comeing out of it. 
David Eakins
@The2001cobra straight 6 designe makes the most torque and theres a reason there in 80% of the big rigs are all straight 6's/ most proven designe and less moveing parts. why the hell would you pick a higher reving v8 over a 6 pot for towing?
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