Roner Vision: Summertime, Skydiving & Extreme Tubing





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Published on Sep 12, 2012

Erik Roner has been keeping busy as evidence from this action-packed new episode of RonerVision! Erik kicks things off skydiving with buddy Bob Burnquist over the 2012 Nike US Open of Surfing and gives us his take on parachute packing 101. Next Erik heads out to Glen Helen raceway joining Greg Godfrey and some of the Nitro Circus Crew for an epic night of truck racing. Summer wouldn't be complete without some good old fashioned R&R, so Erik finishes things off back home in Tahoe, living the good life with son Oskar. As always Oskar gets into big things—this month it's extreme tubing. Hang on!


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    Jeff Gordon's Secret to Winning At Hendrick Motorsports: Garage Tours w/ Chris Forsberg

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    8-year-old Skateboarder Girl Drops In On MegaRamp

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    Network A & NKA Best Skateboarding 360 Flip Trick Entries & Winner!

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    Worst Day Ever with BMX Legend Dennis McCoy on Crooked World

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    Magnus Walker's LA Porsche 911 Warehouse Will Blow Your Mind: Garage Tours w/ Chris Forsberg

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    Skateboarding's Gnarliest Tour Begins!

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    Skatopia Is An Anarchist Skateboarding Utopia--Spend A Day (& Night) With The Volcom Skateboard Team

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    All Star BMX Peep Game LA Session on Crooked World

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    Skateboarder Ricky Chavez VS. The Double Kink NKA Project

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    Amazing One-Of-A-Kind Custom Harley Davidson Bikes For Racing: Garage Tours w/ Chris Forsberg

  180. 180

    Weird BMX Riding W/ Russell Wadlin & Lucas Filliung On Crooked World

  181. 181

    Meet The Geniuses Who Make Porsches Go Even Faster: Garage Tours w/ Chris Forsberg

  182. 182

    Skateboarders Christopher Chann vs Lamont Holt - Game of S.K.A.T.E

  183. 183

    How To Make It As A Stuntman

  184. 184

    2014 Dew Tour Skate Street Winner Kelvin Hoefler On NKA Project

  185. 185

    Wingsuit Athlete Clem Newell's Flight Starts With a 2,300-Foot Jump

  186. 186

    These Guys At MA Motorsports Build Race Cars For a Living: Garage Tours w/ Chris Forsberg

  187. 187

    2014 Formula Drift Leader Chris Forsberg Talks About New Show 'Garage Tours' On NetworkA.com

  188. 188

    FIFA World Cup Announcers Cover Action Sports On Network A

  189. 189

    BMX Rare Air with Daniel Dhers: Crooked World BMX

  190. 190

    Behind the Clips with Skateboarder Jon Depoian on NKA Project

  191. 191

    Go Skateboarding Day NYC 2014: Eric Koston, Ishod Wair and Nike SB

  192. 192

    Aerial Wakeboarding Edit Feat. Adam Fields: Under The Radar

  193. 193

    BMX Instant Replay: Kevin Kiraly & Nick Ince Tech Binge BMX

  194. 194

    Harley Snowboarding Adventure: Wheelies, Burnouts & Boardslides On ETT

  195. 195

    Game Of SKATE: Lamont Holt vs Shaun Rodriguez

  196. 196

    Behind the Lens of The Lifer's Project Skateboard Photography

  197. 197

    Surfing According To Hollywood—The Ultimate Mashup

  198. 198

    Crooked World Presents: Perth Scene Report

  199. 199

    NKA & Network A Instagram 'Best 360 Flip' Contest

  200. 200

    Angel Haze & Christian Hosoi at Zumiez Presents: House Of Vans Brooklyn

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