Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Infusion Tutorial - Ravager - Lightning with best abilities





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Uploaded on Feb 23, 2012

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Before Watching My Gameplay

Hi there, another infusion tutorial video again, this time I will show you how to create Ravager - Lightning with best abilities. If you have watched my other videos or not new to infusion and monster's abilities' transferring, you should get it without any problem after watching this video.

You will need the following monsters for infusion so try to get them all before you transferring the abilities, they are:

1) "Mud Frog Lv20" (Ravager)
Location: Archylte Steppe AFXXX rain
Duration: 0:00 - 0:09

2) "Luminous Puma Lv1" (Synergist)
Location: Augusta Tower 200AF
Duration: 0:11 - 0:18

3) 「Forked Cat Lv54」(Saboteur)
Location: Oerba 400AF beach side
Duration: 0:19 - 0:26

4) 「Fencer Lv19」(Ravager)
Location: City of Academia 400AF
Duration: 0:29 - 0:36

5) 「Zwerg Metrodroid Lv1」 (Ravager)
Location: Augusta Tower 200AF
Duration: 0:38 - 0:46

6) 「Zwerg Metrodroid Lv20」(No.5 same monster but in Lv20)

7) 「Ceratoraptor Lv2」 (Ravager)
Location: Sunleth Waterscape AF300
Duration: 0:48 - 1:00

8) 「Flangonzola Lv44」 (Commando)
Location: Archylte Steppe AFXXX sunny
Duration: 1:02 - 1:11

9) "Frag Leech Lv30" (Commando)
Location: Oerba 200AF beach side
Duration: 1:13 - 1:22

10) "Frag Leech Lv30" (No.9 same monster, you need it for making the ability into yellow lock)

11) 「Pink Lily Lv30」 (Ravager)
Location: Oerba 300AF
Duration: 1:34 - 1:44

12) "Garchimacera Lv43" (Ravager)
Location: Bresha Ruins 005AF
Duration: 1:48 - 1:58

13) 「Koboldroid Yin Lv35」(Ravager)
Location: City of Academia 400AF
Duration: 1:59 - 2:07

14) Tonberry Lv22
Location: Bresha Ruins 300AF
Duration: 2:10 - 2:21

15) Chocobo (Green) Lv48
Location: Yaschas Massif 100/110AF
Duration: 2:25 - 2:31

16) 「Deathgaze Lv32」
Location: Yaschas Massif 100AF (rare monster)
Duration: 2:33 - 2:44

After you have got those monsters, level them up to the level showed above, you can use any items for leveling up cause those monsters are only for infusion.

Then you will have to do the main part, capture lightning's crystal, you need to download it from the DLC at PS store, after you download the DLC, you could fight her and Amodar the Daddy bear at the Coliseum. After you get the crystal, use the Mana items to level up Lightning up to Lv12, use the potent items for the last level (12~13).
Duration: 2:46 - 3:16

The next step, use monster No.1 "Mud frog Lv20" as your base and infuse monster No.2 to 7 to it:

1) "Mud frog Lv20" ← No.2 - Ability "HP+10%"
2) "Mud frog Lv20" ← No.3 - Ability "HP+30%" in yellow lock
3) "Mud frog Lv20" ← No.4 - Ability "Break soon" - Ability "Aspir's type recover up extra"
4) "Mud frog Lv20" ← No.5 - Ability "Break endurance up"
5) "Mud frog Lv20" ← No.6 - Ability "Break endurance up" in yellow lock
6) "Mud frog Lv20" ← No.7 - Ability "Chain bonus up"
Duration: 3:26 - 5:14

Infuse the "Mug frog Lv20" to Lightning, and choose ability "Blizzaga", then your Lightning should have the abilities as follow:

"ATB recover during attack" in red lock
"HP+30%" in yellow lock
"Break endurance up" in yellow lock
"Aspir's type recover up extra" in yellow lock
"Break soon"
"Chain bonus up"
Duration: 5:26 - 6:00

Next step, infuse monster No.8 to 16 to Lightning:
1) "Lightning" ← No.8 - Ability "Break soon" in yellow lock
2) "Lightning" ← No.9 - Ability "Role sympathize"
3) "Lightning" ← No.10 - Ability "Role sympathize" in yellow lock with the ability "Vigor"
4) "Lightning" ← No.11 - Ability "Chain bonus up extra" in yellow lock and choose the ability "Thundara" and "Blizzara"
5) "Lightning" ← No.12 - Ability "Magic attack+20%" and choose the ability "Fira" and "Firaga"
6) "Lightning" ← No.13 - Choose Magic "Aerora" and "Aeroga"
7) "Lightning" ← No.14 - Ability "Magic attack+35%" in yellow lock
8) "Lightning" ← No.15 - Ability "Attack reduce+36%"
9) "Lightning" ← No.16 - Ability "Magic reduce+36%"
Duration: 6:04 - 9:24

And it's done, your Lightning should have the abilities as follow:

1) "ATB recover during attack" in red lock
2) "HP+30%" in yellow lock
3) "Break soon" in yellow lock
4) "Role sympathize" in yellow lock
5) "Magic attack+35%" in yellow key
6) "Break endurance up" in yellow lock
7) "Aspir's type recover up extra" in yellow lock
8) "Chain bonus up" in yellow lock
9) "Attack reduce+36%"
10) "Magic reduce+36%"

That is it, the most tough part is to collect all monsters listed above and farming the level up items. I hope this video could help and good luck for the Infusion!

Thank you for watching! Please visit my Channel for other FF13-2 videos too!



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