Together Forever Chapter 7 Part 1 MARATHON





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Published on Jan 9, 2010

Two weeks later...
Candie and Andee's brother's tour had finally came to an end tonight. Tonight was the last show and they all were finally getting a break. While everybody else was outside playing in the snow near the bus, Andee was inside, trying to write a new song. She sighed and laid her tired head against the window pane and watched her brothers and sister have a snowball fight outside.
Her mind wandered off to what was happening over the past two weeks. She had undoubtedly become moody suddenly. She couldn't understand why it was happening but she guessed it was because of her new lifestyle. Not to mention that last week her and Candie had started trying to get their own career started in the music business and Andee wasn't liking it. She knew she wouldn't be able to handle the fame.

Andee heard a scream from outside the window. Poor Joe was getting pelted by snowballs thrown by Candie. They were all out there without her probably because of the cold shoulder she was giving everybody. Andee locked herself in the back lounge with a guitar, piano, notebook and pen to get some sort of musical inspiration. It was starting to bug her that she couldn't write a song like how she normally would.
"Andee, how's it going in there?" Candie asked, knocking on the door.
"Fine!" Andee replied back. "Why aren't you outside?" Andee asked.
"Let me in right now Andrea!" Candie demanded. "And I'm not outside because it's cold, and I personally would rather be in the heat and comfort of my bus home!" candie fired back. Candie couldn't help but get angry when her sister was moody with her. It just bothered her so much.
"I'm trying to write a song," said Andee.
"Well maybe I can help! Now let me in!" Candie knocked on the door even harder.
"Candace!" Denise yelled. "Stop banging on that door before you down right knock it down!"
"But Mom! Andee won't-" Candie was cut off by Denise.
"Leave Andee alone. If she wants to be alone, you respect her wishes!" Denise scolded.
"Sorry Mom," Candie muttered, and Denise walked away.
"Andee, please let me in?" Candie begged.
"Candie, please," said Andee. Joe ran in and grabbed Candie. "Get on your coat, I need your help!" Joe exclaimed.
"Fine Andee, you win this time!" Candie shouted through the door.
"Hurry!" Joe urged, throwing Candie her coat. She quickly put it on and went to snow combat against Nick, Kevin, and Frankie.
"Hey! No fair!" Joe exclaimed. "We're outnumbered!"
"It's not my fault Little Miss Grumpy didn't want to come join you guys!!" Kevin yelled, throwing snowballs and Candie and Joe.

"Hey! Stop!" Candie shrieked.
"We're not gonna stop! You need to throw!" Nick shouted.
Candie and Joe began to throw rapidly and the other boys began to shriek and scream like little girls.
"Meting huddle thing time!" Frankie announced. Joe and Candie huddled together.
"So what's the plan?" Joe asked.
"I'll pretend to sprain my ankle on a patch of ice, then you start pelting them snowballs!" Candie invented.
"Great idea!" Joe exclaimed.
"BREAK!" Frankie shouted.
"Go, go, go!!" Kevin shouted.
Candie began running and actually slipped on a patch of ice.
"Owww!!" Candie screamed out in agony
"Good job Candie!" Joe praised, and began pelting the opposing team.
"My freakin' ankle! Oh my god!! It hurts!! OWWWW!!" Candie screamed.
"Joe! STOP! Candie's actually hurt" Kevin exclaimed.
"No! She's acting! Relax!" Joe explained.
"I'M NOT ACTING, STUPID!" Candie yelled.
Denise came running out and helped Candie inside.
"Stop playing that game. It has become too dangerous. Someone has already gotten hurt!" Denise scolded.
"Sorry Mom," they all muttered.

"The questions run through my head...no....GRR!" Andee exclaimed, frustrated. She crumpled up the paper and threw it towards the recycle bin. The paper missed since the bin was overflowing with tons of paper already, all of which were failures that Andee wrote. She leaned back on the couch and looked up out the window. All she saw was the gray clouds that matched her mood.

When Denise and Candie were inside, Joe looked over to see the top of Andee's head from the window. "Hey," Joe said motioning his brothers over.
"What?" Kevin asked as he walked over towards Joe.
"Shh," replied Joe as he started making a snowball.
Inside, Andee was still looking up towards the clouds, but her mind had wandered off. Joe threw the snowball at the window, making Andee jump. She quickly looked out the window only to see snow falling down the window and her four brothers laughing like lunatics.
"Oh, you are so on," Andee said quietly as she set one of Kevin's guitars down and grabbed her coat. She quickly put it on, along with some gloves and headed outside. Andee hid on the other side of the bus while making snowballs.
"Oh my gosh! Did you see her face?! Priceless!" Joe said while laughing. Frankie didn't get it.
"Why did you throw the snowball at the window?" he asked.

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