Kendra gets owned by Portia





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Published on Dec 19, 2011

Portia calls the hoes out on BGC4 reunion.

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Love Portia!
Portia rules
Shekinah Conley
Y'all just saying y'all don't like Portia cuz she called them out on being hoes so stfu they is hoes and Natalie deserved that ass beating she got
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Terrance Prescott Barnes
She does sound slow. HAHAHAHA
Shekinah Conley
U sound slow
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And what kill me is Kendra practically gave herself away by acting all offended. Like Portia didn't even say any names bitch. You could have acted like she wasn't talking about you!
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FreedomWriter3 not really
Zaire MSP
Kasia Monet but when Natalie talk about portia so did Kendra. Even before the photoshoot they were talking about her then kendra try to be buddy buddy in her face
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David Nguyen
All u hating ass bitches need to shut the fuck Portia is real fuck that hoe Natalie she such a gold digging slut Portia is more of a bad girl then all these bitches her and Flo both #TEAMPORTIA #TEAMFLO
+Dee Soul amen
Portia called Natalie a hoe about 20+ times so Natalie clapped back with you're a hoe you don't even know who your baby's father is. I think the worst thing Natalie said wasn't even at the house where they fought when they were fighting on the limo Natalie said you called your bf back a bunch of times I don't see you calling your daughter back what a MOM 
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+6 God Exactly! The father of Portia's daughter was her boyfriend for a long time and the second child she was pregnant with at the reunion was also his. Natalie didn't know what the hell she was talking about and she shouldn't comment on things she knows nothing about. And just because someone is a parent doesn't mean they're a hoe like Natalie tried to say.
+Notorious OTM besides are you gonna take the word from someone Portia stated knew nothing about her or her daughter. Mind you this is the same Natalie who thought Portia was black and asian
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Mollysha Johnson
The only thing I didn't like about Portia was she was very judgmental....The whole argument with Natalie in the limo was stupid and uncalled for. How do you talk about this girl like a dog calling her every name in the book hitting low blows out the ass but when she hit you with one you have such a huge problem? Hypocritical as hell.
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Sarah SJ Simon
+Rômulo Rocha since when is bastard not an insult?
Rômulo Rocha
+Sarah Simon And since when that equals to dissing a child? Once again, the wole commentary of Natalie was addressed to Portia's character as a mother.
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Monica Marie
Kendra was a hoe though. She was willing to sleep with literally anyone with a penis.
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Mallory Mclin
Y'all both are ignorant as fuck wow.
Robin Sanders
+Monica Marie 👏👏 two out of the three in this conversation have some sense and class. Hats off to you.
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Portia is one of the realest, one of the best fighters ever to pop up on our screens when we sat our asses down to watch The Bad Girls Club.
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lmao like I said you no brain jackass rima got lucky. Portia can fight just shut the fuck up already damn
angela jones
And it wasn't no luck julie can't fight and is you blind or stupid ... Anybody can fuck Natalie up even a teenager it doesn't make them the best fighter my opinion is my opinion and If you can't handle others opinion than you dont need to post nothing if you dont be a child about it and wanna argue
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vegetalover allen
But when Erika talked about rimas kid yall where like she talked about Rima not her child now it's different???
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LordDavis CanLive
erika didnt say anything harmful about rima's child. natalie didnt really say anything about portia's child either ... neither did kristina about suha's xD
You're a Slave
Because Erika is Erika, And rima is just, rima.
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Aira Vitash
Slut-shaming isn't cool.
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