80 Death Knight solo: Lich King 25 normal WORLDFIRST




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Published on Oct 5, 2012

WoL : http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/lz...
Gear reforge: Exp cap-Crit-Haste-Mastery-other.
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Buffs: Drums of the forgotten kings, Runescroll of fortitude, Adventurer's journal ( "living forever" buff, have a chance to heal for 4-6%), Cobra and Prismatic elixirs, Crit food.

I didnt find any of the LK25 solokills except one beta, so if noone will show me LK25 solokills done until 6th october 2012 ~01:53 EU realm time, it will be WORLDFIRST. Also its on level 80, not 85 ;p

Armory http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character...
Mmo-champion thread http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1...

Few words about mechanics and the kill itself.

1) Not letting him cast Necrotic plague on me- it's possible to get it as a tank- or you need to let army dpsing him while doing nothing OR be an engineer and drop an aggro Dummy - when i had 4 or 5 horrors on me they gave me insane amount of vengeance

2) With that amount of avoidance ( ~ 84% when cap vs raidboss is 109% ) it is possible to avoid most of the melee attacks, but there is another way- when blood shield have a high amount i SIT to receive an unavoidable crit to boost vengeance. The deathstrike heal itself depends on max HP - heals for 7% HP minimum , after breaking some inc damage limit it starts to heal for 20% of the damage taken in last 5 sec, also DS heals depends on haste (Scent of blood and Rune regen speed (not directly) ).

3) When there are alot of mobs on me, i parry/dodge alot and when i let them crit me i receive rare heavy hits, that goes to vengeance and dodge/parry support gained attack power and it continues to slowly stack.

4) About the stats- atm there is a ballance between haste, crit and mastery and knowing what you need for certain fight will boost your dps heavily. Mastery gives blood shield, each time you deathstrike it stacks as a melee absorb shield, more damage you receive- more deathstrike will heal and higher bloodshield you will have. Haste is another key for DK soloing - it affects autoattack speed, but not only; it affects the rune regeneration time, so you can use deathstrike and other attacks more often, it boosts both dps and healing. Crit is the 3rd key- first its a dps stat, as a blood DK dps you need approximately equal values of crit and haste for maximum dps, but there is another thing- i have Death siphon talent that scales extremely effective with Attack power, its an attack that also heals you for the same value as the damage inflicted, so it can do a crit damage, giving you a doubled heal and that heal can crit too- the healing from it is linear dependence from attack power and quadratic dependence from your crit.

5) Currently i have 2 best professions for an 80 level- Alchemy, that gives me iLvl 365 trinket and Leatherworking that gives me 2 extremely powerful enchants - on bracers and on legs, also it is possible to re-enchant your gear while in combat if needed. I have few iLvl 409 items , so i can put mop enchants on them; i have 3 non-plate 409 items, but they are more powerful than 308's even with caster stats , those stats can be reforged; also stamina on them cover the tank stamina plate bonus by far.

6) Consumables. Runescroll + drums, of course. Crit food and crit elixir for dps and death siphon, resist elixir to survive magic damage. Adventurer's journal- when you use it and if you are lower than 85 level you receive one of the buffs- i got the healing buff that have a chance to heal for 4-6 percents.

7) Now about the fight itself.
First phase is actually easy- i didnt use the Necrotic plague trick, so Shambling Horrors were hitting me and giving me alot of vengeance.
1st Transition phase was hard- i wiped there few times because of insane incoming magic damage and 4 sec silence; when i silenced i can use deathstrike/runestrike, but cant use Death siphon
Second phase was easy with defiles, also i am a tank, so Valkyrs didnt grab me
2nd Transition phase was the hardest part- the Raging spirits were spawning 2x faster than on 1st phase and that moment was actually stopping me from LK kill- even if i stacked haste enough to outheal myself on that phase i died alot on 20-29% when boss berserked.
Last phase wasnt easy too- the exploding spirits can be the deadly combo under Raging spirit silence.
Track names are at the video's end.
PS: thanks to http://www.youtube.com/user/aelobin for many DK soloing tips


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