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Published on Sep 26, 2010

The word "No" echoed all around the apartment and seeing how Selena and Henry flinched from his high tone made him feel like a complete jerk. Feeling completely embarrassed he closed his eyes tightly, hoping this never happened "I'm sorry" He whispered as his cheeks turned bright red, he opened his eyes slowly and met Selena's confused eyes "W-when did you even apply?"

Selena couldn't get the confused expression out of her face, and she was starting to make Nick nervous. "Me and Henry went job hunting yesterday" She explained smoothly.

"Henry" Nick repeated raising his eyebrows in surprise "Henry went with you" he turned to Henry who was standing in the kitchen looking nervously at Nick.

"It wasn't his fault!" Selena snapped taking two steps towards Nick and putting her hands on his arm. Her touch made Nick's heart skip a beat, an his attention went straight to her once again "I practically dragged him with me" she smiled at Nick, hoping it would get Henry off-the-hook.

That smile, that sweet innocent smile could convince anyone. "You're so lucky, Henry" Nick yelled with a playful smile without taking his amazed eyes off of Selena's smile.

Selena giggled feeling accomplished "I got a job at Barnes and Noble!" she practically squealed with excitement, making Nick smile like a fool.

He couldn't take that excitement away from her, this has been the most excited he has ever seen Selena, ever. Of course he has only known her for three days. "Barnes and Noble?" Nick said giving Selena a fake smile.

Selena narrowed her eyes noting Nick's disapproval in his tone "Yes" she said slowly "Is there a problem?"

"No! No, It's..." Nick sighed trying to calm himself down "No, it's just that I thought you would want a better job"

"No thanks" Selena said looking at Nick carefully.

Nick nodded seeing how his dream of having Selena close to him at work shatter. "Ok, so what would you want Henry to make for dinner tonight" he asked changing the awkward subject.

"Nothing" she smiled tilting her head to the side a little

Both Nick and Henry narrowed their eyes curiously at Selena. "What do you mean?" both of them asked curiously.
Selena smiled excitedly "I'm going to cook" she turned around and began walking to the kitchen.

"Woo, woo, woo" Nick said following her into the kitchen "Why do you want to cook?" he asked feeling nervous all of the sudden

Selena kept smiling as she turned to meet Nick's nervous eyes "I want to cause a good expression, Nick. I think it's important after what happened this morning, I think he got the wrong idea of us"

Nick's eyes dropped to the floor. Right his father thought Selena was probably his girlfriend, and that wasn't the case... It was far from that. "Um... Can we leave him thin that?" nervously he scratched the back of his head

"What?" Selena snapped widened her eyes in shock "You want your dad to think we are an item? Why?"

Nick sighed unable to hide his smile "Well... You heard what he said!" he looked up at Selena before continuing "I haven't had a girlfriend in so long... I really don't want to disappoint him"

Looking straight into his eyes Selena could see that Nick was afraid of his father, afraid to let him down, afraid of his disapproval and for a second she felt sorry for him "Ok... Fine, but I am not going to do anything I don't want to do... If you know what I mean"

Nick's confused eyes scanned Selena curiously, not really understanding what she meant by that.... "Oh! Right, right. Don't worry I wont make you kiss me" he chuckled and walked towards Selena giving her a kiss on her forehead.

Feeling his lips on her forehead made her heart start pounding uncontrollably inside her chest "Um... Nick, what did I say" she said trying to cover the sound of her pounding heart with her voice.

Nick only smiled as he pulled away "I didn't make you kiss me, I kissed you" he turned around and made his way to his bedroom to get ready for dinner.


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