State Representative Claims EMP Weapon Has Been Tested in Tennessee





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Published on Mar 23, 2013

The Tennessee legislature is often viewed as a bunch of clowns by the rest of the country. Rightfully so in many cases.

The legislature needs to stick with upholding 2nd amendment rights and other such things that they may know a little something about instead of fear-mongering Homeland Security memes.

Rep. Rick Womick makes these claims without a shred of verification:

"An electromagnetic pulse bomb is similar to a nuclear bomb that goes off."

"It wipes out everything electronically. We had one go off just down outside of Shelbyville. It'll be two years ago this summer."

"Nobody knows about it."

"That EMP bomb—made off the Internet, suitcase-sized—wiped out a 5-mile radius of everything that was electronic.

".....it has been tested in Tennessee."

The Nashville Scene, neck deep in the left-right divide and conquer territory and who makes it their main business to make fun of Republicans, did an 'investigation' of Womick's remarks. The remarks were part of a legislative session where they were discussing whisking away the law makers to a secret safe location in case of a 9/11 style 'terrorist' attack in Tennessee.

The Scene's sarcasm aside, Womick needs to put up some proof or shut up. We think he will shut up.

A suitcase size EMP bomb made from plans on the internet. Maybe Womick is working for the predictive programing arm of the CIA and friends? He claims to have a high level federal security clearance which probably means he is being fed bullshit for breakfast and is expected to share it.

From the Nashville Scene:


"Pith I-Team Investigation: The Mystery of the Shelbyville E-Bomb Explosion"

Did one of those scary electromagnetic pulse bombs really go off outside Shelbyville a couple of years ago? That's the question that's captivated all of us here at Pith in the Wind World Headquarters since state Rep. Rick Womick made that claim {http://www.nashvillescene.com/pitw/ar...} during a House subcommittee meeting this week.

Womick thinks terrorists have targeted Tennessee state lawmakers, and he was explaining why the state Office of Homeland Security ought to obtain top-secret security clearances for certain special members of the legislature, presumably including Womick, so they can prepare themselves to go to undisclosed secure locations to survive an attack.

How come we never heard of this Shelbyville bomb? Is it possible Shelbyville suffered an electronic Armageddon and no one knows it? Has this desperate little city been cut off from the outside world for two years—knocked back into the Stone Age by death rays and tragically unable to communicate its plight—and to this day no one has discovered it? What happened to the walking horses?

We decided to ask around. Has anyone ever heard of this? Oddly, we managed to make contact electronically with people inside Shelbyville. We asked the mayor. Nope. The emergency management director of Shelbyville's Bedford County? Ditto. The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency? Again, the answer was no. The state Department of Safety and Homeland Security? Nay. We even asked Sadie Fowler, editor of the Shelbyville Times-Gazette where Womick supposedly read the little story about the blast.

"We have no recollection of anything remotely similar to that," Fowler said. "He must be confused."

Staff writer Brian Mosely did a little digging for us in the newspaper's morgue and came up with nothing.

"I don't recall anything like this at all," he wrote in an email. "I've asked the rest of the crew here and they don't remember anything about this either. The only stuff I've found in our archives about power outages were things like people hitting utility poles ..."

This video is an excerpt from:

"Rep. Rick Womick wants to create Tennessee Security Council "



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