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Published on Nov 23, 2011

Story In Here!

Marshall: whatever sonny,Get In The Plane!
All: *about to get in the plane*
Lucy: Wait! Wait!
Chad: hey!
Lucy: i'll miss you *kisses him*
Chad: *kisses back*
Lucy: *deepens it*
Girls: *disgust* GET A ROOM!
Lucy: *pulls away* don't worry we will! *saps all of the girls*
Girls: *pulls her hair* if you do that again,we'll make your life miserable! *walks off but turns back* oh wait we missed something!
Lucy: w-w-what is it???
Girls: this! *slaps her hard,goes to the plane*

-After 2 Hours-

All except Channy: *awake*
Sonny: *sleeping on chad's chest*
Chad: *arms on sonny's shoulder*
Tawni: awww,look skylar they look so cute,i hope they will get back together
Skylar: i know right!
Tawni: *takes picture of channy*
Chad: *wakes up,sees sonny* ummm sonny,sonny,sonny *shaking her*
Sonny: *groan* five more minutes mom! *hugs him tight*
Chad: sonny i'm not your mom,i'm chad
Sonny: *really awake,quickly pulls away* ummmm chad,your arms
Chad: oh sorry *pulls his hand out,blushes*
Sonny: *blushes,signed in on facebook* oh look i have a lot of notifications!
Chad: really/
Sonny: uh duh! i wouldn't say it if i don't *clicks the photo,gasp* TAWNIII!
Chad: *sees the poto of them sleeping cuddly*
Tawni: why? *pretending that she don't know anything*
Sonny: *gives her a look*
Tawni: ugh! fine,i take a picture of you both while sleeping cuddly!
Sonny: and why would you do that?
Tawni: and i want you two to be together AGAIN!
Sonny: Pfft.....we will never get back together! right chad?
Chad: *a little bit hurt* yeah
Tawni: Really Sonny? Really?
Sonny: yes really!
Tawni: whatever you say sonny *teasing her*
Sonny: ugh stop teasing me!
Tawni: okay okay

-4 Hours Later-

Marshall: we're here!
Girls: YAY!!!!!
Boys: *rolls their eyes* girls!
Marshall: okay your roommates in the hotel is: Tawni-Skylar Portlyn-Nico Zora-Devon Penelope-Grady Sonny-Chad
Channy: AGAIN?!?!?!
Marhsall; Yuppp again!

All: *goes to their hotel*

-That Night At The Hotel-

Sonny: *laying on the bed singing Get Back by Demi Lovato*
Chad: *teasing her* you want to get me back,don't you?
Sonny: no
Chad: then why are you singing get back by Demi Lovato huh?
Sonny: does it matter?
Chad: yes
Sonny: whatever *changes the song from get back to "Better Than Revenge By Taylor Swift"*
Chad: *still teasing her* you want to get revenge on lucy?
Sonny: nope
Chad: then why are you singing "Better Than Revenge By Taylor Swift"?
Sonny: ugh whatever! *sleeps*
Channy: *sleeping back to back*

-Next Morning-

Channy: *slowly wakes up,cuddling each other,quickly gets up*
Sonny: oh dear,this is awkward
Chad: yeah
Girls: *barges in*
Tawni: so sonny,did you do something?
Sonny: *confuse* what do you mean by "Something"?
Portlyn: oh you know what we mean
Sonny: no we did not!
Penelope: *looks at chad* is she telling the truth chad?
Chad: yeah
Zora: but did you do it when you were dating?
Sonny: *not answering*
Tawni: common sonny tell us!
Sonny: *covers her ears* LA LA LA LA LA LA LA! *goes to the bathroom to change,comes out to the bathroom* ho wants to go shopping?!?!
Girls: US!!!! *raises their hands*
Sonny: let's go!

1.) do you love/like it?
2.) fav part?
3.) fav lines?

I'llmake the next one tomorrow :))

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