Two is better than one (A Channy story) SEASON 2 EPISODE 23





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Uploaded on Jul 6, 2010

Chad: Night Blondie
Tawni: Grrr! *slams the door*
Sonny: *Sighs Happily*
Tawni: Ugh!
Sonny: What?
Tawni: couples are soo sick
Sonny: You and nico are probably just the same
Tawni: Uh no way, im not sick
Sonny: Whatever?
Tawni: I am gonna go too bed now
Sonny: Fine
Tawni: *Walks off*
Sonny: *Sits on the couch*

* The next morning *
Sonny: *Sleeping*
Tawni: Hey sleeping beast!!
Sonny: *Wakes up* Isnt it sleeping beauty
Tawni: Ha! and you think your a beauty
Sonny: *Insulted* that was mean
Tawni: no really!
Sonny: Look, i no you are mad that im back with chad, but this is good, ill be gone again
Tawni: well i was kinda excited for you to be here, you no, we could of hanged out
Sonny: well im sorry
Tawni: Just go
Sonny: well okay, sorry tawn

** At condor studios **
Nico, Grady, zora, Tawni and sonny sitting at there table in the cafiteria

Nico: Hey Grady? you wanna race too the prop house
Grady: but that involves running
Nico: Come on ! who ever gets there first has too buy the winner a stake
Grady: Your on!
Zora: Ill come since i will win, then you both have too buy me a stake, do you wanna come sonny?
Sonny: sure ... wait im gonna stay with tawni
Tawni: no go!
Sonny: No
Tawni: Fine
Zora, Nico, and Grady run off
Sonny: Tawni im really sorry
Tawni: *Crosses her arms*
Sonny: I did not mean too hurt your feelings
Tawni: well its already been done
Chad: *Comes in* Hey sonny
Sonny: Hey Chaddy
Chad: so i was wondering, since you are my girlfriend again, we could maybe go look for an apartment too live in
sonny: Hey thats a great idea!
Chad: Good! so when do you wanna go look for them
sonny: After my rehersal
Chad: Okay kool *walks too his table with mackenzie falls*
Tawni: *Frowns* Oh yea your really sorry
Sonny: well if you are not gonna accept my apoligy then forget it
Tawni: fine then *Walks away*

** After rehersal **
Sonny walking in the hallway
Nico: *Bumps into her* Hey sonny
Sonny: hey nico
Nico: Do you no why tawni is sad?
Sonny: Oh its because we got into a fight thats all
Nico: Oh
Sonny: Yea, hey have you seen chad?
Nico: no sorry
Sonny: Okay

* In the dressing room *
Chad: why did you call me in here tawni??
Tawni: im mad at you!
Chad: why?
Tawni: sonny is MY friend!
Chad: yea and she is also MY girl friend
Tawni: well she is gonna have too break up with you again
Chad: No! she finally agreed to my apoligy so no way
Tawni: Oh yea?
Chad: yea!
Tawni: *Kisses him*
Sonny: *Walks in*
Chad: *Pulls away* get off of me blondie!!
Sonny: Grrrr! oh that is it tawni!! you messed with the wrong girl
Tawni: did i?
Sonny: *Jumps on her back* He's mine!
Tawni: I dont want him! I want you too break up with him again!
Sonny: why? *Jumps off*
Tawni: Because .. your my only friend
Sonny: what about "emily"
Tawni: she moved and now you are the only nice one too me
sonny: Oh, well even though im in a relashionship, i will always hang out with you
Tawni: Hugs?
Sonny: *Smiles*
Tawni: *Hugs her*
Sonny: *Hugs her back*
Chad: Okay lets go find an apartment!
Sonny: *Pulls away* Okay, and by the way, you owe me for kissing my boyfriend
Tawni: *Laughs*
Sonny: *Grabs chads hand*

** To be continued **
1. Sorry it was all about sonny and tawni, i like friendship stuff too
2. Yay!! channy is getting an apartment together!
3. Fav part
4. Long enough?


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