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Published on Mar 21, 2007

Robert "Bob-O" Essig was the 2nd contestant to sit in the hot seat during the short run of Super Millionaire. He'd end up being the biggest winner on SM, winning $1,000,000.

This is his $1,000,000 question where he uses his Double Dip lifeline and gets it right on his first DD guess.

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Maran Nebbeling
His wife looks like him with a wig on
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Oh hell no. I made the 'she looks like Alec Baldwin" breakthrough over 10 months ago and you sir or madam will not rob me of that.
UncleMustardo. You made me chuckle out loud. That was a Dennis-Milller esque reference....but it was spot on.
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How the fuck is that the million dollar question?
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Bridget Will
Silent Glitch j
Silent Glitch
Lmfao savage
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Samuel Lewis
That's not the only time he's said "what the heck, DOUBLE DIP!!!"
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Josey Wallace
cutting edge wit
Gurp Khosa
Samuel Lewis fantastic
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How the fuck did i get here?
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Mike Plouffe
Wow, Rick, that's the same lady with the shit on her face like Wharf!
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Seriously, do Americans really not get how bad they have it it when a guy who has $500,000 in the bank (at the point he said it) tax free, still can't afford to not work so he has health insurance for his family? Utterly shameful.
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4:01 - When you cum but she keep sucking.
Ace of Spades
Saying it like half a million is going to cover medical insurance for the rest of their life. His perspective is probably to build up a surplus of funds so that he won't have to work, or what's the word for it, "retirement". And as we should know, the more money you have in that time, the more fun it usually is. Unless you're killed for it, then it isn't fun. For premiums, people can pay from ~$150-$353 on average. Oh and a lifetime premium costs ~4.2 million, but since he has a bit of a surplus, he can work around it. 1 million if we put it into relative perspective is 1/4 the way there, well more accurately 1/4.2 but that's an odd fraction. If he works for all that time, he can focus on other things every now and then, such as holidays and other factors, and can save money if someone under insurance gets cancer, which is ironic you'd say that someone would go bankrupt. Most people should be prepared to pay more than $500 dollars per month, even though that usually isn't the case. With that said, I am not under any circumstances saying America has the best health insurance, I think France has the best and most affordable health care, what I'm saying is it isn't "Utterly shameful" that if a person has half a million he wouldn't have to worry about medical insurance. Because take it like this, America is FAR from the worst health insurance. Was America's health insurance bad, yeah while Obama was in office, and I blame him. Do I think it can get better? Definitely over time. Am I going to write an entire paragraph about it because I'm bored as hell and have literally nothing else to do but watch these shitty videos? You bet your goddamn life I am.
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Jay Bartgis
He's won a million dahlahs. 
Why are all fats named bob?
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Peter Walsh
God is good. Devil is evil. Bob is blob.
ilias 2405
bob the builder is a pretty hefty guy
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Nicky Jones
America the only country where if you win 500,000 you still have to work so you dont die because theres no health care.
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Nicky Jones please please please keep spreading the message. Hopefully it eventually gets to all these illegal immigrants so they stop coming.
newuserandhiscrew 22
raspas1000: i dont know if you are replying to me or not. But im going to assume you are. I agree 100% with you that people should have the freedom to chose if they want to work or not. What i said is that they should work, its morally the right thing to do.
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Some Random furry
Rather easy for the million dollar question IMO.
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Jonathan Liu
tbh, i thought it was newton since he did a bunch of work with prisms and light :/
americans for whom science classes like physics, chemistry and so on are optional at school. in his case, not knowing helped him because he didn't have 2 more options to pull him
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Jonathan Po
What the fuck is that?? 4:04
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I know I'm late, but I'm pretty sure that's Liberace
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