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Published on Mar 17, 2009

From Nico Video: sm6310986

Encoding: lxw
Romaji: hikusa
Translation: RENA
Link to Lyrics: http://takeit-home.livejournal.com/21...
v1.01 download: http://www.mediafire.com/?cwgounfzjmm

One of a four part song. This one is performed by Kagamine Len and takes place after the events of Servant of Evil and Daughter of Evil.

*Note: "Ru ri ra ru ri ra," is a phrase taken from a lullaby and not "Lapis lazuli." Thanks to juraioh for pointing that out.

Related songs:
"Daughter of Evil"
"Servant of Evil"
"Message of Regret"

Original video:

Please use the below link to download the Mp3. Click on "MP3 を抽出" and the download should start.

*A Vocaloid is a voice synthesizer. This software is primarily used to produce songs. For more information consult Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vocaloid .

Comments • 4,265

Kawaii Llama Productions AJ
Kid:Where do babies come from? Mom:Oh,they come from someone dies and they come back as a vocaloid.
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Kaita Gene
Ion Meth Many characters reincarnate, BUT none of them become vocaloid. For instance, Riliane becomes Rin Miroku. Hansel becomes Lemmy, Gretel becomes Ney, etc.
Ion Meth
So yea, reborn theory = true.
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The Outer Scientist
evillious fandom in 2009: what the fuck is happening in rebirthday evillious fandom in 2015: what the fuck is happening in rebirthday
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that is incorrect because this is a part of aseries with 58 songs and thi has nothing to do with the above 3
Curly Fries
The Outer Scientist You have to see the other songs in order this is the last one the 3 one is regret message the 2nd one is the servant of evil the 1 one is the daughter of evil
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Ramen Doodle
"Both of my hands are in red cuffs surely someone is spilling the color of blood both of my legs are in blue cuffs surely the color of someone's tears." This part made me cry in a hole
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Kaita Gene
I smell gyaru fashion MEIKO!!! WAS!!! NOT!!!! FIGHTING!!!! BC!!! OF!!! MIku!!! Germaine was fighting bc Riliane executed her father, I doubt she even knew who Micheala even was. Also, this ain't SoE hunny, this is clockwork lullaby:
April Videos that's what I said, this is part of clockwork lullaby which has ties with the the pride arc of the seven deadly sins series (story of evil) this song is sung by irregular, an entity in the clockworkers dolls womb, for reasons we still mostly don't know he has a large connection to Allen avadonia (the servant of evil) the seven crimes and punishments novel proves that Allen and irregular are not the same person
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So bascially either Len had a fucking terrifying dream or everybody was reborn as the vocaloids today.
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Miku and the Kagamine Twins= disaster We see it in almost every song. I can give you a long list of songs if you want
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haha. no problem. thanks to your comment, I got to rewatch this pv. (man I am old XD) I'll add it to the list.
fitria ahsani
i know this comment is 3 years ago, but i want to add to your list: Dark Wood Circus. nobody dead, but, hell that's disaster and disturbing
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Torch stélechos
I like how everyone's like "this is what's going on" while I'ma just chilling to the song and reading the comments as everyone else is trying to figure out what the Hades is going on in this song XD LOL.
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Torch stélechos pjo ftw
LSCN Aisuru Kioku
I think it's actually the re-birth story after Allen died. I may be wrong, but it's what I believe.
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its a shame that only len remembers what happened in their past.
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Ion Meth
The author says they are not linked, but if the viewer so wish to see them as linked, then it is linked. Up to the viewer's discretion.
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Izayah Emerald
Y-yeah. Stop sweating! ;-; rubs eyes and bawls I can't help it. this is just really good
Wtf is my life???
+Izayah Emerald ok
Anastasia Styliani
who is hearing this in 2015?
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fitria ahsani
hah, 2017. i knew Electric Angel, Two Faced Lovers, and Karakuri Burst just recently....
Selina Chen
Anastasia Styliani #2017
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Cara Morrice
God damn it. I made another ocean.......this happens every time i hear this song or servant of evil. However, I'm not crying, I'm simply being creative by creating an ocean. 😭😭😭💔💔💧💧💧🌊🌊🌊
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Snow Chen
is this song the continuation story of servant of evil on Len's side?
Valda Izza
there is one more....this is not the end before this song there a song called "waiting for a response" im sure you will make a waterfall again....
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