45x (1546cpm) 15th August 2012 (4.299μSv/hr)





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Published on Aug 15, 2012


45x (1546cpm) above normal background radiation.
4.299μSv/hr later in video
Time: 08:20hrs GMT
Date: 15th August 2012
Location: South Hams, South Devon, England.
Geiger counter: Inspector EXP+
My normal background 34-36cpm

Info: Firstly I would like to apologise for not replying to some of you who has sent me kind messages, I really appreciate them so thank you . For those trolls out there, well I do laugh at your messages. You do come out with some bullshit. Some of them are classics. Maybe I make a little book of bullshit one day haha.

I haven't posted anything for a while as some will know. I don't always take videos of my findings, sometimes I just take a photo and post the info on 'Radiation Watch' on Facebook. Another reason for the lack of posts is that since that crazy 7th July (240x video) to 11th August I have only had two fallout events that were 114 & 117cpm (around 3x above background) all the rest were 60-85cpm. I had in that time span measured 15 different days worth of rain swipes and on some occasions 2or 3 in one day. These low readings reading swipes did take many weeks to decay away though. But that's another story. On the 11th August 2012 I had the first big one since 7th July. This was 38x I haven't posted that video on here yet, I may do. Info was posted in 'Radiation Watch' on Facebook instead. And then yesterday 11th August I get more rain and these high readings. I cant explain why most of July & part of August were different from the rest of the year, maybe it was the Olympics lol

Ok, the rain swipe off car. Total rain water squeezed out of two man-sized Kleenex tissues folded 4x was 100ml. I was after either 25, 50 or 100ml of rain water. The apx area swiped to collect 100ml was roughly 4x the size of a normal 1 square meter swipe. I did a regular swipe before this sample and this was around 10x above background. Reason for collecting 100ml is because I am running a little experiment at the moment to see if there are any benefits of swiping a defined amount of rain as opposed to a 1sq meter swipe. It is going to be some time before I have an answer its not something I am actively seeking to do, it is radioactive substances after all I am dealing with.

Later a 10min timed count on this sample which I started after I shot two videos (both parts combined here) came in at 1187cpm 34.9x above normal background. I followed the decay of this sample through four half life steps after I established a half life time of 41.8min. It decayed by half every 41.8min, it was very consistent dropping the cpm by half every 41.8mins. It was on the nail. 41.8min matches up with (Te) Tellurium-134. Obviously I cant identify the isotope with a Geiger counter but the half life time suggest it was this.

Also as I say this may or may not be from Fukushima but else where. The front edge of the jetstream which was moving slowly pushed in from the west so some fallout was possible from this but likewise the low level wind charts show the local weather coming from the south east. Funny but The Flamanville Nuclear Power Plant is located at Flamanville, Manche, France on the Cotentin Peninsula 120miles as the crow flies south east of me across the English channel. Maybe Flamanville nuke was venting its reactors today or perhaps I was getting attacked from both sides lol.

Well that's it. With respect please watch previous videos and/or read the info a complying the videos before asking questions because I take the time to write this so you can take the time to read it hehe

Thank you and stay safe

Peace! x


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