The Cha Cha Slide - Dj Casper (Lyrics) by Lyndsie15





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Published on Oct 2, 2011

The song at the end is "Now Your Gone" by Basshunter.

Back at Anclote Elementary School in Holiday, Florida this was the jam! At recess we would dance to this song! Its still soo fun! LOL. I love it!

I'm in college now, it will never get old!


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I used to be able to go all the way down with my knees pulled up. I'm not as flexible as I was in fifth grade. Sadness. :(
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TSW's Channel
I remember going at the roller rank and this came on while everyone was skating doing this it was awesome
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This was a legit convo between me and my gym teachers a few years ago. Teacher: So class, you were to do exercise as a homework assignment. Class: I forgot to do the homework. I was busy playing video games. teacher talks to me Teacher: so what did you do for exercise? Me: I was doing the cha cha slide Teacher: The what slide? Me: The cha cha slide? Teacher: whats that? Me: Its a song where it tell you what to do and you are supposed to do them. Teacher: Can you give me an example then? I stand up in front of the class where there was space to do the moves Me: Ok so first when it said to the left, you go to the left. If it tells you to move to the right, you move to the right. If it tells you to hop, you hop. If it tells you to slide to the left or to the right, you slide to the left or the right. If it tells you to freeze you stop. If it tells you to clap, you clap. Teacher: Can you show us the video? Me: ok. I put the song on and starts to do what it says. Me: thats basically all it really is. You just move a lot. Teacher: oh ok. well you pass. Me: Thank you. That is basically what happened. Now i still love this song and I remember when my dad played this song at weddings or b-day parties, my cousins, and I would put black sunglasses on and start doing the moves. I still have no idea why we pt black sunglasses on to do the moves. I guess we were trying to be silly. But I still love this song and I use it to work out because it is the only thing that is Exercise related that does not trigger my asthma and cause me to have extreme Asthma attacks.
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Talen Marshall
i like this song
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The only thing we do at the skate rank 😂 but it's awesome
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Beatrice Carmichael
At my school on Fridays they put this song on and everyone screams except 6th and 5th grade but my friend in 5th grade at my school screams and when he said cha cha now y'all we did the electric worm instead 
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Marilyn Hinton
I love the cha cha slide I love dancing
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anime fool *
I was dancing and my mom came in to my room... Awkward... •//////•
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Ashley Bear
Every time I went to the rol-a-rink they would play this and everyone tried to dance to this on their skates lol good times
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Ana Miranda
I loved It was a fun and easy way to excersise
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