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Published on Jul 26, 2012

On this episode of Miss Hannah Minx's JWOW (Japanese word of the week), our word is "pink," which is"momoiro." The kanji for momo is 桃, which means "peach" in Japanese. And the kanji for iro is 色, which means "color." Leave a video response showing something pink that you have! ♡o。.(✿ฺ。 ✿ฺ)

Also check out the BONUS video of Miss Hannah Minx and Miu Miu! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDCjyo...

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Look at those big, beautiful, round........................................... eyes!
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I have a thing to say MissHannahMinx. I heard that you were leaving this channel and going to stop making videos because most of your followers are just perveted fans that are here just for your breasts. Firstly, you could stay on your channel and be able to continue to make those great videos, but ONLY if you could wear something more appropriate. You are whining that everyone in the comments are just talking about your boobs, but you're not helping yourself when you show your cleavage in EVERY SINGLE VIDEO of you channel. I'm not hating, i'm just tryin' to help here. Some of us want to help you, like me. But you gotta help yourself too...
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Tonydews I'm with you on that one
Behind Our Mask Yeah you should but you also got to consider the consequences thats what people don't seem to get
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Elliot Alfredo
My dick is  Momoiro
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trash bag
I'm not a lesbian but she has some nice tits
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"push ups"....
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holy fuck shes so cute and adorable ^o^
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Andrew Bazinet
Am I the only one who actually finds the language stuff interesting? No? Just me? Okay...
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+Andrew Bazinet then watch namasensei or somebody that'll actually teach you fucking japanese, I don't think this girl even speaks the language or else she would be teaching the kanji or how you'd use these words in a sentence or literally ANYTHING other than examples of things that apply to that word. I didn't have to come here to know when something is pink! I came here to jerk my knob!
kimberbee 5
I actually came here a while ago to learn a few words but it's rare to find people like us sadly
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Am I the ONLY one that comes here to actually LEARN Japanese?
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porcelainlaughs Why would you come here to learn Japanese, go take some classes or use some website you fucking loser
L De R
porcelainlaughs she teaches japanese???? :v
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Viktus aka Juden
I... came here to... learn, yes... yes... learn...
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ARRR2003 :P
must learn japanese.........
Ciguli'nin maini Caitlyn
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Angie Hogan
I think the hair colour is actually really cute on yuh tbh xD Just thought id change the comments up a bit
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Panic at the MCR
+TheJoseluisperez1000 omg you ship phan too.
Twix Kitty
+Angie Hogan The cat whiskers come from within (>OwO)>
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Mad Hatter
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