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Published on Aug 3, 2011

Bang bang bang.

Slowly opening my eyes, I groaned as the sun shone on my face brightly. As the knocking continued, I quickly got up and headed towards the door where a tall blonde was standing.

"Hi!" The girl beamed, taking off her flats.

Flinching, I took a step back still fixed in a daze. "Whoa, how did you get it--"

"It's not safe to keep the key outside under a rug like that," the girl cut in, giggling softly. "By the way, I'm Taylor," she introduced, sticking her hand out.


"Selena," the girl, Taylor, answered for me with another giggle. "Mr. Duhamel told me all about you," she explained.

Suddenly, it clicked like two missing puzzle pieces. Mr. Duhamel had said that someone would come by and help me out... "Are you Mr. Duhamel's assistant?" I asked, running my hand through my messy bed head hair nervously.

Taylor nodded at me once, her arm retreating from the space in between us. "Yes," she answered, "He sent me here today to become your fake best friend and help you out with anything."

"Sure," I replied dully. "So, um, would you like to come in?" I wondered, stepping to the side.

The blonde nodded once with a soft smile, "Thanks."

"It's sort of messy and dirty but it's really all I have so I'm sorry if it's not... homie," I apologized, following her into the living room area.

"It's fine. I know all about your difficult circumstances and I really admire all of your courage for everything you've done," she told me sincerely. "Plus, it's not half bad in here!"

I nodded once, half-smiling. How did she know I had difficult circumstances? It's not like I told her or anything...

"I went to the place where you work, that bar downtown. The manager told me all about you and your story," Taylor answered my thoughts.

Again, I nodded at her.

"So, are you ready?" She beamed at me excitedly.

"Ready for what?" I asked, sort of scared that I may have signed up for something completely different than I had expected.

Taylor kept smiling at me as her blue eyes sparkled with delight. "To go to Julliard, silly!" She answered, placing her hand on my shoulder. "We already got your registered into the program and all we need to do now is show up!"

I let out a deep breath. Was I ready to go study performing arts right this moment? Before I could answer, I felt Taylor grab my hand and lead me out of my apartment complex. At that moment, I knew this would be a step I couldn't go back on.


"Okay, so do you understand?" Taylor asked me, parking her black convertible in the parking lot.

I nodded as I detached my seatbelt. "I'm registered as Sarah Glen and I came from Boston. When I'm here, I have to act more like a character instead of myself," I summarized her.

The blonde nodded once at me before we both got out and headed towards the main entrance. "Don't forget, I'm going to call everyday around eight and make sure everything's okay. You have a specific job to do and if you can complete it, Julliard will be provided to you as a gift," she reminded as they walked up to the administration desk.

"Mhmm," I mumbled, nodding again.

"Hey, Hayley!" Taylor beamed at the worker. I watched as they exchanged a few words and expressions before the worker, Hayley, reluctantly gave Taylor a folder, eyeing Selena suspiciously.

"Thanks," I mumbled, retrieving the folder from Taylor's soft, pale hand.

"No problem, Sarah," she winked, using my fake name.

Catching up, I grinned mischiveiously bobbing my head once. "I can't believe this is going to be my new home," I whispered to myself as my eyes bounced all over the building.

Had some issues... but i promise, next part will be much better.
This is just getting started. ;D


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