Response's to the Skeptics Annotated Bible Cruelty Short List -1 and 2 Samuel





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Published on May 2, 2009

"We do not deny that the Bible records God doing some things that seem 'cruel.' However, we approach these things from a Biblcial perspective...and that is the key to understanding why God did and allowed these events." -Introduction of 'Response's to..'

From gotquestions.org

The final one for this series.

Start at the Beginning:

Recommended Resource:
When Critics Ask by Norm Geisler.

Believe - Akissforjersey


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Harry Royle
Why does this "blog" have to have a racket ("rock music") playing in the background? I had to turn the sound off. Don't Christians say "Peace be with you, saith the Lord"? If so, will God send the authors of this horrendously noisy blog into eternal hell fire?
David Smith
At least for their horrific taste in music. Ugggh!
Alex Griffin
to the statement that why would a god have such a world as this. Is because the bible says this world NOW belongs to Satan. Later Yaweh and Jesus kingdom will reign
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Alex Griffin
No,it hasnt nice try
Dont't worry Guys, This video has been Extremly Debunked and rebuked! These people took the Scriptures out of context.
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To think I used to be a Christian! It's a sick, flawed religion. These days I believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Eat pasta, drink beer and get laid. What's not to like?
Came here from the SAB (Skeptics Annotated Bible) website and was not surprised to see that this was the only Christian response to the Cruelty and Violence in the Bible from the SAB website. That's a LOOOOONG list!
David Smith
The truth is that the Bible and the Quran and many other similar tomes, reflect the cultural reality of an ancient people. It can be very foreign to us. We can look back at the Greeks and the Romans and the Sumerians and find things in those societies that are equally horrific...AND things which are great. History will presumably look back at our society and see democracy and respect for human rights, yet will wonder about dropping nuclear bombs on two two cities full of women and children. Or our massive use of chemical and biological weapons in the Vietnamese war. But good human beings advance. They try to learn from the evils that occur and try to extract the good. The New Testament was clearly an attempt to  extract the core values and meaning that had become distorted in the OT. Many of those principles became distorted in the Middle Ages and people again  tried to recover the core values. Unfortunately and fortunately, in humanity, that process will never end. In our own time we have banned chemical and bioweapons. We try to eliminate nuclear weapons.  So I can understand why rational people are frustrated when they see some small minded religious people holding the Bible up as if it is a personal letter written to them by God. They are ignorant fools. Particularly when the Bible is being used to suppress our real moral sensitivities. This has come to the fore with Charlie Hebdo in France. "Do what you moral conscience tells you is horrific, because a greater unchallengeable  authority has told you to do it." That type of thinking represents the evil side of religion. Yet most people religious and secular understand that their conscience should be their guide, not some politically manipulated literalist interpretation of 1500 year old book.  But I am equally distressed  when I see "skeptics" trying to pose as intellectuals, creating these stupid web sites that don't serve any real purpose other than showing that they have no idea what they are talking about. Just as religious literalists do a huge disservice to genuine religious people who are using their religion to try to find deeper values, "secular literalists" who attack books like the Bible based on a modernist literal interpretation of these books are making exactly the same error as the people they oppose. They are the ultimate textbook example of someone who has failed to learn from the errors of the people they criticize....and it gets even more annoying when they actually make a textbook from it.....but that's got more to do with their masters in the publishing industry...and that's a different topic and a very interesting one.
Jordan Holstein
The Christian Bible is a rip off at times. All of the rare things that are actually worthwhile in it are just taken from earlier teachings from different cultures.
so waging war against another group of people and committing genocide against them is allright as long as you go "Big Sky Daddy told me to!"?
Catten Whisperer
Please tell me you people aren't serious. Jesus tapdancing Christ 
Bill Benton
One way of looking at this, is the question of how one would get God to a psychotherapist. This dude has some serious issues!!!
Bill Benton
The latter is wonderful, while the former is a psychopathological personality, or wild dog carefully shut away from the children.
Bill Benton
WAIT!!! Is this irony, or does the poster REALLY believe there is no problem with YHWH’s acts of barbarity in the OT books? These tales are waist-deep in bloodletting, and lunatic demands by an autocratic, patriarchal, vengeful monster deity…180 degrees apart from the one which Jesus sometimes references...the loving, supportive one...as part of a New Covenant. 
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