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Published on Apr 6, 2011

Music Video 뮤직비디오 / 뮤비
# 라니아 - DR Feel Good / Rania - DR Feel Good (Korean Version)
*Available in High Definition (HD) 720p/1080p

After generating much buzz through Jay Park's "Hype Nation" last year, the ladies of Rania have finally revealed themselves through their debut single, "Dr. Feel Good".

The girls were co-produced by Teddy Riley and DR Music, the label behind the hit girl group, Baby V.O.X. The two are reportedly ready to make their mark on the Hallyu wave once more.

The album was produced in three months at a studio in Los Angeles, and despite being busy preparing for Michael Jackson's posthumous album, Teddy Riley took the time to direct everything from their music, stage concept, choreography, and outfits.

The group is comprised of Semi, Riko, Jui, Dee, Joy, T-ae and Xia; Joy is from Thailand, and Riko is a Korean-Japanese. The girls are reportedly fluent in English, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Korean.

"Dr. Feel Good" delivers a powerful sound with an addictive melody, a combination that Teddy Riley assures can't be found in other girl groups.

The CEO of DR Music commented, "The girls have shot a total of seven CFs prior to their debut due to the explosive amount of interest they've generated thus far."

- Rania Member's Profile (Korean 6, Thai 1) -

- Riko -
Nationality : Korean
Name: Kim Ju Yeon (김주연)
Stage Name: Riko (리코)
Nick Name: Tiny Leader
Birthdate: March 10, 1989 (21)
Height: 166cm/Weight: 42kg
University Women Myoung Suk (major media )
Languages: Korean and Japanese
Position: Main Vocalist

- T-ae -
Nationality : Korean
Name: Lee Tae Eun (이태은)
Birth Name: Lee Sul Mi
Stage Name: T-ae (티애)
Birthdate: Sept. 24, 1994 (17)
Height: 171cm/Weight: 50kg
Education: Seoul Performing Art High School
Extra: Hype Nation (Role of Jay Sister)

- Semi -
Nationality : Korean
Name: Hwang Se Mi (황세미)
Stage Name: Sae Mi (Semi) (새미)
Birthdate: April 10, 1989 (22)
Position: Leader

- Lucy -
Nationality : Korean
Stage Name: Lucy (루씨)
Birthdate: August 20, 1990 (20)
Height: 167cm/Weight: 48kg
Position:Main Vocalist

- Di -
Nationality : Korean
Name: Da Rae (다래)
Stage Name: Da Rae (Di)
Birthdate: October 18, 1991 (18)
Position: Rapper

- Xia -
Nationality : Korean
Name: Jang Jin Young (장진영)
Stage Name: Xia (시아)
Birthdate: Nov. 15, 1994 (17)
Height: 170cm
Position: Maknae

Nationality : Thai
Name: Jutamas Wichai
Korean Name : Kim Jee Hye (김지혜)
Stage Name: Joy
Birthdate : July 27, 1990 (20)
Height: 165cm
Education: Faculty of Liberal Arts
Languages: Thai, Japanese, Korean, and English
Extra: Eversense CF with Big Bang

*8th Member
- Lee Jo -
Stage Name: Lee Jo
Real Name: Chang Yi Jo / Chang Yi Jiao / 常一娇
Birth Date: June 16, 1987
Weight: 49 kg
Height: 170cm
Talent: Playing piano, Dancing, Acting, Taekwondo
Favorite Sport: Taekwondo

Meet Lee Jo (original name: Chang Yi Jo/Yi Jiao/常一娇), the new twenty-four year old member who has worked in China for various endorsements and features in the past.

Reports revealed that Lee Jo was a last-minute addition to the group, hence her absence in live performances and promotions. However, one of the early promotional pictures does depict Rania with eight members, implying that she was already preparing to debut with the others soon.

Despite her current absence, Lee Jo did participate in the music video filming and can be glimpsed in the original and re-released versions of the Dr Feel Good music video, which features the revised track with a second set of lyrics.

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I remember people hating on this for being so sexual, but now this is really common -.- omg
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Ryan Vang
lmao. Pussycat Dolls was no different than this. but i see what u meant.
MEOW MEOW you right it really does moreover it seems little chlidish
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This is one of these kpop songs that never gets old.
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Snow Leopard
MentedoMal TRUE
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Marko Radokicik
so let me get this shit straight. hyuna can make a video where she litteraly has sex with the guy and that doesnt get controversy but when 7 girls in sking tight black leather dance then hooly shit that is some serious buisness. come on guys. come on
View all 8 replies
Mister onsépatro
Marko Radokicik haters spotted
Hayley Bella Morta
HyunA actually does get quite a bit of hate actually. Maybe not as much but still a lot. If any girl/girl group does something sexy they get hate because people can't seem to understand that women don't have to cover every inch of skin nowadays.
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Tzeyih Sone
Agree or not, this is the best era of RANIA.
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Beuty Crystal
Leo Takuji Bp Rania is not that bad you know about F them at least give them a chance kmt
Mun Tor-res
Leo Takuji Damn, I like bp rania and the original Rania though 😂
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I remember when the korean version came out and ppl were fucking clutching their pearls and it was think of the children moment. kpop wasnt ready for them.
That's one of the funniest comments I've ever read, thank you.
mie maus
used this to convince my friend that kpop is not only for girls
Yagami Raito
I would have recommended using 4L- Move. Although, your friend would probably not stay your friend for too long. Just watch the mv to know why.
This sounds like Sweet Dreams are made of this 
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Mister onsépatro
Pinkrevenge101 this song is so relaxing
Lilia Clayton
Pinkrevenge101 thats what i thought at first! Lol
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Do Na
Lol remember when this was considered scandalous in kpop. This is tame compared to what kpop is nowadays.
Crying bc i was so obsessed with them and this song then they lost teddy riley and all just went down hill!! 
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Stan BP Rania
Stan BP Rania
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the short haired one is really really really hot looking...
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Brianna 브리아나
지리 yasss she really caught my attention
kiki lala
and then you have people who say girls don't look good with short hair..
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