06-14-12 The Laura Ingraham Show; Rep. Paul Ryan





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Published on Jun 14, 2012

LAURA: Is it enough for Governor Mitt Romney to attack President Obama's record, hit him hard and offer a general blueprint for fixing economy?

@6:31: Half of what is needed is to point out Obama's failures. President Obama ran as the uniter. He's clearly one of the most divisive political figures we've had in modern history. His plan is not working.

@6:42: We equally, on the other half of it, have to offer a very bold, specific, clear alternative so that the country gets to choose, what kind of America do you want, what kind of people do you want us to be? We get to choose in November.

@6:54: That's what we did here in Wisconsin! That's what Scott Walker did! He ran on these reforms, then implemented these reforms and then he was reaffirmed with these reforms with a bigger vote margin then he received the first time he ran against Tom Barrett.

@7:05: So what we have learned here in Wisconsin -- and what I've been trying to do with all these budgets -- is be specific, be very clear, show the country how we are taking the Founders' timeless principles, reapplying them to the problems of the day, offering specific bold reforms, so that the country gets to choose. And if they do choose that? Then we win an affirming election; then we win by acclimation. Then we have the moral authority -- the obligation -- to put these reforms in place.

LAURA details opinion that Romney needs to lay out the vision & the specifics of vision, adds: They're going to attack him because they're going to say this is the mean-old Ryan Plan! For all of us who know you, we don't think of you as mean-old anything!

@9:48: My first name's Ryan, my last name's Plan these days.

@9:55: We don't like the direction the President's taking the country in. So therefore, we owe the country an alternative and we owe the country specifics and details and that's what we've been doing in the House -- here's how we think we need to go to get the country back on track, to get the opportunity society with a safety net, not the welfare state.

On liberal nuns going on the bus tours to protest federal budget cuts for the poor and working families.

@13:11: I get picketed weekly, often by nuns, here in Wisconsin. It's a fairly common thing we have in Wisconsin ever since these recalls started. You know who gets hurt the first and the worst if we have a debt crisis? The poor and the elderly. That's what we're preventing with our budget

@13:30: I wish I could say we're dramatically cutting back the size of government! Government spending still grows under our budget -- it just doesn't grow at the feverish, unsustainable pace that the President is proposing.

@13:41: What we're doing is we're bringing these programs under control so they don't wind up giving us a debt crisis. Forty cents of every dollar spent today by the federal government is borrowed money. Half of that money is borrowed from other countries! If we have a debt crisis, which we're clearly on track to having -- just like what's going on in Europe -- the people who get hurt the first and the worst are the poor and the elderly. That's what going on in Greece, Spain, Italy. These countries are slashing the benefits of the safety net that people rely on in their retirement

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