Pokémon Battle Revolution #100 - VS. ♂Octavio♂





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Uploaded on Dec 1, 2010


My 100th battle!! Yay! I think it's neat that this (slooooowly uploaded) marathon began with my 200th video and ended with my 100th PBR battle. This was a pretty good battle too. Mono-Bug versus almost mono-Dragon. Groudon was thrown into the mix, and...well, that mofo made things a bit harder but whatever. It could've been worse...like Kyogre or Darkrai.

Masquerain - Flutter - Hydro Pump, Air Slash, Protect, Ice Beam

At first, I didn't want Masquerain on this team. I wanted Pinsir first and foremost...then Illumise...but then I decided I already had enough physical attackers, and I needed a Bug-type that can carry strong attacks that could take down Rock and Fire Pokemon easily. Therefore, Masquerain was pretty much my only choice. I like Masquerain, and she certainly gets a lot of battle time. It all worked out in the end.

Butterfree - Anther - Bug Buzz, Psychic, Energy Ball, Sleep Powder

Butterfree is stronger than you'd probably think. Her special defense is pretty great, and her attacks have some nice coverage going on. For what she can't hurt, she uses Sleep Powder which not only helps her but helps her partner too. She's pretty basic, but I like how she turned out.

Combee - Buzz - Sweet Scent, Gust, Tailwind, Endeavor

Probably the most questionable choice ever, but I know what I'm doing. Combee is faster than Vespiquen and can make better use of Endeavor than her much more defensive evolved form. Gust removes anyone with 1 HP (or close to it), and Sweet Scent helps the Pokemon with inaccurate moves on this team have an easier time. Not so strange now, ey? Nah, he probably is, but he's a huge member of this team and may be used again by me (that is, if he gets these moves back)!

Beedrill - Sting - Poison Jab, Endure, Twineedle, Assurance

So...I love Beedrill, but his movepool kind of sucks. This was really the best I could do. Twineedle really isn't so bad thanks to STAB. Assurance works okay if the Pokemon was already attacked once, but I usually hate teaming up against one opponent in double battles unless it's a pesky one (like Dusknoir), and Poison Jab is also good for STAB. Still, Beedrill is just on the bench too often, and he isn't as fun to use as I thought. I still think he's awesome in appearance, but I may need to rethink what to do with him if I use him again.

Armaldo - Crawley - X-Scissor, Rock Slide, Aqua Tail, Rock Polish

A great choice against Fire-types, Armaldo is a nice addition to this team. After Tailwind, Armaldo is still super slow, so Rock Polish often has to be used too if I want him to be faster. Aqua Tail is absolutely used against Rock-types. Since this is a mono-Bug team, I figured it was important to have a special and a physical Water-type move be present. X-Scissor is to make use of STAB, and while Rock Slide is too, it's awesome against Fire and Flying types that almost always show up against these guys looking for an easy win.

Heracross - Squish - Rock Slide, Protect, Megahorn, Close Combat

I needed one major power player to balance this team out, and Heracross fits that role perfectly. I never see any Heracross make use of Guts. They're always scarfed or banded. Since Tailwind is almost always activated, I figured using an orb was my best option. Anyway, he's awesome and can take on just about anyone. If he and Armaldo can get together, they could really wreck the opposition...as long as they're faster.

So...I'll just say it now. It sucks to lose my 100th uploaded PBR battle, but I wanted to upload this to say that Tailwind is being updated for B/W. It's lasting as long as Trick Room from now on (I believe). That would've helped tremendously in this match. I may have even won if that was the case...but as it stands, I knew I had no chance against these guys with the team I had. Too much pressure was on Masquerain to wipe them out...and...well...I'm sure Octavio knew I'd rely a lot on her too. It's just too bad Masquerain doesn't know Blizzard instead. Heh.

On another note...I apparently had this person's pass, but I don't remember facing him. Perhaps he used a different team against me before. I'll have to check.

I chose - Combee, Heracross, Masquerain, and Butterfree

♂Octavio♂ chose - Groudon, Salamence, Altaria, and Flygon

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