10 Most Brutal Dubstep Drops ☢ 2011





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Published on Apr 16, 2011


Quartus Saul


Ry Legit

Dubba Jonny


These are the best dubstep songs (according to me) as of April 16th, 2011, with multiple factors taken into consideration.

Before anyone says anything about the now-mainstream Skrillex not being included in this mix, REST ASSURED that some of his tracks will be included in the next mix, coming this fall.

10. Chrispy - Inspector Gadget (Dubstep Remix)
This song is downright dirty. With a sick dubstep spin on a track we all know and love, this piece just had to be on the list.

9. xKore - Beast Mode
This amazing track has an original melody with a high level of complexity in automation. The percussive synth sound that performs said melody fits perfectly into the track, and the shuffling high hats make for some slick dubstep. All in all this is one beast of a song.

8. Quartus Saul - Hagakure (Cyberoptix Remix)
This song was released not too long ago after the earthquake in Japan. It has a really nice and original tune to it, and its super quick cutoff modulations in the main wobble bass are intense as hell.

7. Ry Legit - Buzz Lightyear **
This is one of the filthiest dubstep tracks out there. The bassline is completely chaotic and insane. I consider Ry Legit to be the 'rising star' of dubstep.

6. Chrispy - Predator - Cyperoptix Remix
A 'robostep' spin on Chrispy's hit track, this song blows my mind every time I hear it.

5. Dubba Jonny - A Brief Tutorial on Dubstep Production
I have always considered this to be THE dubstep song, for obvious reasons. However, I consider it to have been crushed by a few other dubstep songs. So clearly it doesn't take the #1 spot.

4. xKore - Magnum (Full)
xKore does it again, with a very original riff on top of several different modulated basslines that fit extremely well together. Even the tempo feels the effects of xKore's masterful automation. The big brass hits are what make the song though, imparting an intense and deadly atmosphere to the song.

3. xKore - UMAD? *
xKore created this for some sort of chaos competition, and if he won I would not be surprised. Although it is still labeled as a work in progress, this song is so layered with complex chaotic elements and automated so well, I have to give it a high ranking. I especially appreciate the lightning bolt intro and underwater outro.

2. Dubba Jonny - A Brief Tutorial on VIP Production
Dubba Jonny comes back once again with a filthy new track for the dubstep scene in a rather brutal manner. This sequel to the hit track (featured as number 5) is twice as epic. I mean, just the snare alone is enough to break through a brick wall. For these reasons, Dubba Jonny's excellent 'non-amateur' track earns the number two spot.

1. Ry Legit - The Sweety Man
This song has the most intense, well-automated bassline I have EVER heard, EVER. It will be extremely hard to top. Though the song is a little bit odd at parts, I can never get over how amazing the bassline is. In fact, it's so amazing that it gets the number one spot. Whenever I think dubstep, I think this song.

* You might be wondering why xKore appears in the list three times, or who xKore even is. Check out http://xkore.newgrounds.com/ - This man is a musical genius; his songs are complex and technical; true musical masterpieces. I would not be surprised if he spends 100+ hours on automation alone with every song he makes.

** Who the hell is Ry Legit? Even I don't know. All I know is that he makes amazing dubstep, and you better check him out at http://soundcloud.com/rylegit . This guy is extremely creative in that his basslines are massively distorted, and he has a few stereo tricks up his sleeve, with some intense panning effects in his songs.


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