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Published on Nov 21, 2011

Title: The Kamikaze
Subtitle: Shotguns for Shoguns

Character(s): Ryusai, Shogun, Sunset
Series: Liberations
Episode: 2

Game: Grand Theft Auto IV/4
Console: Playstation 3

Song: Devil Inside
Artist: Utada Hikaru

Release Note: This is a re-release of this machinima.
YouTube originally blocked the video because of the song.
Original Release Stats:
Date: June 8, 2008 10:28 PM
Views: 2,105
URL to original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oM2gT...

------- :Synopsis: -------

After a higher ranking Yakuza member is killed, his brother, Ryusai (the dragon's dagger) comes to Liberty City to seek answers.

The Russian mobsters strike at the heart of the Yakuza organization with another assassination attempt.

Enlisted as hit-woman, Sunset (Agent Orange to those whom fear her), takes aim.

Failure to kill their leader, the Shogun, is not an option.

This machinima takes place in the GTA4 universe on the PS3.

Some of the scenes in this are rough.
This is because I did a lot of this episode by myself & I tried to push as much of the storyline in as quickly as I could.

Ryu's font is blurry. X(

I bit off a bit more than I could chew this time around with the main stunt (Faggio thrown into a high-speed NRG) & I really wanted to have Sunset do an EVA-like back flip off Ryu in the alleyway.

Hopefully I can still get these done (eventually) & perhaps place them in a later show.

If you like / want to be apart of these. Leave a comment or subscribe. The storyline is still open to influence.

Thanks for watching!


Sources say he is flying in from Los Santos in a few hours.

Is he?

Yes, sire. I'm told he is looking for you.
Looking for answers.

Bring him here. We will...talk.
Ryu-san, please, here!

Hello, Yoshida.
You know why I am here.

Good to see you, Ryu.

I'm sorry for your loss.
The shogun requests your audience.

Shogun, eh? Hah!
Take me to Sakuraba!
I mean, "Shogun."

Times change, Ryu.
Things are...different here.

I doubt that.
Welcome, Ryu!
Please, this way!
Shogun!? You scum!
What happened to Kenshin!?

Best to keep a civil tongue, Ryu.
Let us speak as brothers.

My brother is dead!

We all suffer, Ryu.
Yakuza will handle it.

No, I will handle it.

Let us be allies in this time of crisis.

Get the fuck out!
We're closed!

I'm here to see your boss.

Huh? Wait a second...
Are you Agent Orange!?

Enemy sighted!
Shogun blasts.
You have company.


No, they're paid well enough to fight & die.

Was brother paid as well?
I raise you $1,000 dollars.
That would be a grenade.

Worried yet?

You're still here.

Good job, Ryu.

Who was that, Saku?

Your answer.
If you can question it.

G'ruck, Ryu.

You're staying here?
You corward!

You said you wanted to handle it.

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