How I Convinced My Parents to Let Me Dye My Hair





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Published on Aug 12, 2012

Hope this helps you guys, Goodluck ^_^ PLEASE READ BELOW

If you are young like 14 and younger and you know your parents are strict already or have already said no, Ask if you can do natural colors FIRST.

also feel free to show this video to your parents :D and also feel free to watch/share my Hair timeline video with parents ^_^ http://youtu.be/YMgu7WwjiEY
And if you are planning on bloeaching your hair you might like my video of tips on bleaching hair :D http://youtu.be/WAvsgyabDEI

Keep in mind also that I was 17 yrs old in this video.

Disclaimer to Parents and others: My parents are VERY caring yet also very supportive of me. They said no till I was 16. If my parents didnt care about me they would have let me have piercings already. I only have my ears pierced XD and they arent even stretched! Having colorful hair does not make someone a bad child and does not mean they do bad things. just because someone has colorful hair doesnt mean they cant get a job! Allot of jobs now are becoming accepting of colorful hair and even piercings and tattoos(as long as they are tasteful/appropriate) Theres this wonderful thing called wigs! There are some really cute ones out there!! and they come in ALLLL sorts of colors. MEANING, IF you dont want your kid dyeing their hair unnatural colors yet, or at all they CAN get a wig that is unnatural colors and wear it for special occasions or w/e or to school :D
Also remember HAIR GROWS OUT. So just because they may have pink hair(just an example) right now doesnt mean that when they decide to go out and get a job in the future, they wont have natural colored hair! Or even if they have colorful hair they can wear a natural colored wig to Work, School, Team sports/cheerleading/dance events or even to relatives houses!
Please keep all this in mind ^__^

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Peace ..V,

Love and hair dye!,
-Risa Fox

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Theo M
I guess I'm lucky because I just said to my mum last night "I think in going to dye my hair pink in the summer" and she said "okay it's your hair so you don't have to ask me". I think it's because she doesn't believe in body policing which is awesome :)
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Alexis Forsythe
I don't get why parents don't allow you to dye your hair. Like who's hair is it? Is it the FAMILYS HAIR?
Ash Potato
My mom said i could dye my hair when im in highschool when i was in 7th grade... And now im in 9th grade but she wont let me dye my hair. Like wtf.
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my school won't let anyone dye their hair any color except natural colors. on the first day of school I'm going to talk to the principal and ask why. wish me luck lmao
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Josh Williamson
I'm a guy.. is it okay to dye my hair??
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My mom won't even let me BRUSH my hair by myself because she wants my hair to grow really long but that's not in my blood. (I have a mix of Spanish & Brown (the skin color) but because I'm Brown it doesn't grow that long) Because she thinks I'm going to CUT it because she wears hair extensions but she ruined her hair & it's so frustrating because hair falls out! Every time she sees dead hair on the floor she starts flipping out on me saying "I cut my hair" When all I did was brush out dead hair!!! I hate how strict she is about my hair! I can't wait to move out & wear however much makeup I want or whatever the hell I want with my hair!! #thestruggle
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Miss Crystal Geyser
My dad says: Its your own hair, so its OK to me. BUT my mom says: You're going to ruin your hair. I will not let you do that before you're 16. If you still want pink hair, ok. I am sitting there and thinking that my hair is so boring and i get sad because I actually want blue hair with pink dip dye. Its something that will make ME happy. And in witch way does it effect my mom that I dye my hair? wtf. 
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Josh Williamson
I'm a guy.. is it okay to dye my hair??
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Allison Scott
I dyed my hair blonde first and talked to my mom to dye my hair other colors she said no so i dyed it anyway and i do it anyway cuz i dont care cuz its my hair
Dominika Dovicakova
I'm twelve nearly thirteen. A few weeks ago I semi-perminately dyed the lower under part of my hair blue and pink. (my hair is pretty long so it worked out pretty well). It took a lot of persuading but after I bought the manic panic hair dye secretly with my own money and then I just told my parents I'm going to dye my hair and they just stared at me, then to the hair dye in my hands then back to me and my mum said she'd do it for me. In the end my mum ended up experimenting with my hair dye and adding blue stripes to her hair. Unfortunately, my school doesn't allow people to dye their hair and I ended up getting a phone call home (soo scary😂) and 2 weeks detention. They asked me to remove it or dye it a natural colour and I refused. My mum backed me up and in the end the school allowed me to keep it. Some teachers still give me death glares but some actually compliment it. I'm planning on dying it again once this one comes off. The school won't be happy but I don't really care.
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