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Published on May 8, 2010

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJQ0rY...

This is a video showing the state of DaggerXL as the Pre-Alpha Version 0.181

There are still issues, things missing and so on but it's still a work in progress. Note that I skip the in-game movies pretty quickly to save time. In addition there are some synching issues when using fraps that normally don't occur in game.

Part 1 shows me fighting through Privateer's Hold.
In Part 2 I leave Privateer's Hold and run to Gothway Gardens. Then I load several saves, at different locations throughout the Bay.

For more information about DaggerXL, visit the blog at http://www.xlengine.com and the forums at http://www.xlengine.com/forums

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How do you install the DaggerXL files? I downloaded it but it has no instructions.
Forever_UT_ fan
I don't know if I love this or if I miss the pixels of the original visuals.
+Forever_UT_ fan Don't worry dude you can remove the filter if you want in the launcher
Bata Radović
I really wish you'll advance the DaggerXL. Daggerfall is an amazing game. there is a continuum of more and more new games coming out and more and more people turning to older games. At least the non-linear, huge ass games like daggerfall and fallout 1 and 2.
Alexander Shuster
the first fallouts weren't that big
his game is too scary for me
the ONLY problem i have with dagger fall is having to move the mouse while hitting the attack button to actually use my weapon... has this been fixed?
+jhatch To each his or her own I reckon. For me DF's mouse-movement close-range weapon combat has always been one of its strengths. I find it, at least as implemented here, more immersive than simple button pressing. I remember being sorely disappointed when it was announced that the then-in-development Morrowind would abandon it. That said, I'm certainly not against the game offering click-attacks as a selectable option for those who prefer it.
Question Everything
Elder scrolls went to shit after morrowwind, there I said it.  Give us back the SATS, DICE ROLLS, AND DIVERSITY! Morrowind was a grey, brown wasteland of drab alien like monsters with little diversity.
Travis Boudreaux
+Question Everything Morrowind had many colorful locales, perhaps you only stayed in the Bitter Coast region or Molag Amur.
Duke Nukem is on every platform. Why can't Daggerfall be on every platform as well? I want to play it on my PS Vita. Duke Nukem is on Vita already.
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xLDKx NewYorker
+GhostZodick But yeah I know, how the fuck do you lose something like that... Same thing happened with Silent Hill
+xLDKx NewYorker what the heck? They really lost the source file? How unprofessional it is.
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For some reason, the character selection screens are really laggy, but the game is fine, but when i start a new game it automatically crashes.
Patrik Josefsson
Is this finished now? I mean, this was 4 years ago...
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Patrik Josefsson
+noisebomb44 I wonder if "soon" means 1 or 4 years... ;)
+daredevilpwn "DarkXL is highly playable and mostly complete but it is still an Alpha Build" and it seems like the beta version is soon ready for release http://www.xlengine.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1084
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George Hayes
Good work on it. 
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