350Z stock exhaust vs Nismo exhaust





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Published on Nov 27, 2011

Stock 350z with stock exhaust vs Nismo cat back.

I was trying to find a good video of the sound before purchasing this part and had a really hard time finding one. So here is my own.

Sounds a lot more... sophisticated... no? :D

What the car looks like now: http://img706.imageshack.us/img706/19...

front 9.5 - 19/245/35 offset+15
back 10.5 - 19/275/35 offset+15

no fender rolling, stock suspension

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Precast Dragon
Why does this exist on this channel?
+200% Nigga the ghost of stinkmeaner possessed him and made him ask
+Precast Dragon because is awsome ! :))
Freak Nasty
Honestly why do people always block their license plates? It's fucking public info, anyone that sees your car can see the plates...
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Bob Rivard
Freak Nasty, funny thing about the internet, posts don't actually die.
Tom Brady 4 President
+Freak Nasty you don't ever wanna fuck with someone who is hiding their plates on Craigslist it's most likely salvage
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This is a really good drawing, it is animated and even makes sound!  hue
Elf Machine
looks like the game industry is paying you good :P
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Alex Miranda
+SnufflesDominance they really don't, purchasing my second this week
+uchiha clannie my dad got a 350z for 11,000 :I they don't cost much
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lol this has more views than your art tutorials :D
+Osjey Because petrolheads :D
Thunder Draws
yeah, I was like: "why the hell is this his most viewed video?!" man he is a well known artist, yet on youtube his exhaust has more clicks... lol
Dan da Train
The stock has a cleaner roar which I prefer, but I can definitely see the appeal of the Nismo exhaust as well. Cool exhaust.
+Dan da Train the rattle of heatshields is cleaner?
trenton mackey
where can I find this exhaust?
trenton mackey
+DuBstep115 could only find the S-tune nismo exhaust that's for the 370Z not 350z. don't want to pay 1k for fitment issues and then have to do extra work to make it fit properly.
Is this video still relevant for concept art? :DD
Man, I didn't realize there was such a difference lol. I own a Nismo and before I purchased it I've heard that a lot of people don't really like the Nismo Exhaust because it's too quiet or something. I personally love it, it's deeper and more aggressive than stock. I may end up getting a Motordyne, ARC, or something along those lines maybe Amuse R1 idk yet I have to do my homework on all of them lol
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Digital Broccoli
+07broly Also I've got the typhoon short ram set up for now and when you punch it, right around 4K those fuckers sound really good
Digital Broccoli
Fast Intentions make some awesome long tubers with res deletes and full exhaust systems that can be tuned. You're gonna pay but it's worth it. I can't do the long tube heads with res deletes because Virginia is homo when it comes to those for inspections 
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Nismo sounds so much better if you ask me
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