Resident Evil 5 "The Mercenaries Reunion" Prison DUO (Warrior Chris/STARS Barry) - 938K





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Published on Mar 4, 2010

Resident Evil 5 "The Mercenaries Reunion" Duo Gameplay (Xbox 360)

Stage: Prison
Rank: SS
Score: 938,902

Players: (Team BerserK1NG)

Chris (Warrior) - Berserker Kev
Barry (S.T.A.R.S.) - iK1NG

I notice that a bunch of Mercs players are going back to normal Mercs. The combo system in Reunion is pretty flawed, but, to me, Reunion is still a lot of fun to play.

The majority of the full combo system for Reunion that I have figured out along with the help from some friends can be found here:


(sign up on the Mercs board to view ^that thread)

In Reunion, you can easily have a lot more variety in kills and are not penalized as much for not resorting to melee kills. One thing that I absolutely love the most about Reunion is that the stages are still very unexplored in terms of strategy. At the moment, you can basically create your own strategy. In normal Mercs, you're pretty limited to the same cookie cutter strategy per character with how much the stages have been explored. RE5 Mercs is still very fun, but I like something different every once in a while.

This video shows off a strategy that I came up with for duo Prison in Reunion. I literally spent about 10 minutes playing solo Prison to come up with a duo strategy before me and iK1NG played one time and this is what I came up with. This is just basically a fun run that gave us a decent score for the leaderboards.

If I would have shot the explosive barrel in the middle from the beginning the score could have been about 940K most likely. Warrior's piercing bullets are both a blessing and a curse at times since I've nearly killed myself by shooting explosive objects on accident a few times with him by the bullet piercing through a Majini.

I still have some ideas left for this stage in duo. This strategy is way too chaotic though. We probably won't use it again.

At the moment, I cycle between both Reunion and normal Mercs. I really favor Reunion more at the moment since it's something different, but I still return to normal Mercs to play with friends at times... and that's the only mode where I can play as STARS Chris. :)


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