British Troops Beating Young Iraqis On Camera




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Published on Feb 13, 2006

VOLUME UP! I get the feeling alot of people arent watching with sound and hearing the sadistic soldier behind the camera.

Edit 3/14/06: Interesting how this video is getting such a response. Yet Im still surprised how many people support these soldiers actions. There seem to be alot of people out there that think "Terrorism" is a country, like Bush and his "War on Terror". People protesting US occupation does not make them terrorists, so to say that its ok for these people to get beat is ridiculous. They protest this war in Iraq, because since US occupation began, the death toll of INNOCENT Iraqis killed in car bombs aimed at the US Soldiers, and US Airstrikes aimed at terrorists has risen into the hundreds of thousands. These arent all terrorists, these are people caught in the crossfire. If this was happening in your country, I would call you a coward to not do the same thing these Iraqis are doing. People protest this "war" all over the world, in fact, more people are against it than for it.

--End Edit--

This video is shot from a balcony in Iraq, showing British soldiers first moving a group of protesters (some throwing rocks and stuff) out of an area.

Then, the camera guy focuses on these troops pulling some people down the street, they drag these people behind a large wall, and beat the crap out of them.

And the camera man (also a Soldier) is a disgusting psycho, who seems like hes getting off on it.

THIS, is a EXCELLENT example, of why this "war" is a horrible thing. It has become nothing more than an INVASION. US & its Allies, staying around, enforcing our laws, on these people, our presense, creating a reason for more bombings.

Resistance attacks in Iraq arent aimed at civillians, their aimed at the troops. But civillians die as a result. Just like with the US bombs.

Civillians are dying every day in huge numbers in Iraq. And it is a direct result of US occupation. And this type of sick behavior, is going to do nothing but encourage more violence towards our soldiers, and as a result, the innocents in Iraq.


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