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Published on Sep 21, 2007

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"Victoria turned to prostitution when she was only 14 because it was hard to find a job & the money she made from babysitting wasn't enough to buy the clothes and accessories she wanted. She thought it better to sell her body & make $150 in five minutes rather than make $6.50 an hour.
Victoria started out having "discreet encounters" with guys she meet on chat lines. She carried a cell phone & setup meeting times and locations. They'd pull up, she would get in and they would go park & handle "business." Initially, Victoria would tell her "clients" that she was 19, but even after they found out her real age they were undeterred. At 15, she tried cocaine and started using the money from prostituting on cocaine.
When Tyra asked if she was ever afraid when she was meeting a man, she confessed the unknown was scary, not knowing the men's intentions or what they would do. Victoria also revealed she'd sneak out to meet with men when her mom Sara was asleep. Sara said it was hard to believe her daughter had been prostituting because she and Victoria's step-dad worked hard to provide everything they felt their children needed. She felt guilty about the lifestyle her daughter had been living, thinking she should have paid more attention. Sara noticed Victoria had become more of a loner and a little depressed, but never thought prostitution was the root of it all. She confessed her biggest fear was getting a knock on the door with news of her daughter's death, which was the same way she found out about her own sister's murder many years before.
Tyra turned to Dr. Drew Pinsky to help shed some light on Victoria and (teen porn star) Sasha's behavior."
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CP80: Internet pornography solution to help protect children from unwanted online pornography
10 Reasons for Not Legalizing Prostitution
By Janice G. Raymond

1. Legalization/decriminalization of prostitution is a gift to pimps, traffickers & the sex industry.

2. Legalization/decriminalization of prostitution & the sex industry promotes sex trafficking.

3. Legalization/decriminalization of prostitution does not control the sex industry. It expands it.

4. Legalization/decriminalization of prostitution increases clandestine, hidden, illegal & street prostitution.

5. Legalization of prostitution & decriminalization of the sex Industry increases child prostitution.

6. Legalization/decriminalization of prostitution does not protect the women in prostitution.

7. Legalization/decriminalization of prostitution increases the demand for prostitution. It boosts the motivation of men to buy women for sex in a much wider & more permissible range of socially acceptable settings.

8. Legalization/decriminalization of prostitution does not promote women's health.

9. Legalization/decriminalization of prostitution does not enhance women's choice.

10. Women in systems of Prostitution do not want the sex industry legalized or decriminalized.

For the full version of the list, with explanations for each point, please click on the link below:

More info on prostitution is at:
Prostitution Research & Education
The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women-International (CATW)

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NOTE: The last part of this 3 pt series, "Pt. 3/3 Teen Prostitute on Tyra Banks Show", is the same as "Pt 3&4 Porn Star Sasha Grey on Tyra Banks Show"

That video is the ending segments of a Tyra show on which both porn star Sasha Grey & Victoria appeared.
Sorry for any confusion.


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