chaz somers love story chapter 55





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Published on Nov 26, 2010



(the next morning)

marissa: *screams and falls off her bed* OMG HOW MANY TIMES HAVE WE BEEN THROUGH THIS!? DONT SCREAM WHEN IM SLEEPING! *gets up and goes back to bed*
macy: sorry to do this but.. *goes to marissa and screams in her ears loudly*
marissa: *screams* MACY!!!!!!!!!
christian: *runs upstairs with a cookie in one hand and a bat in the other* WHAT HAPPENED!?!? WHATS WITH ALL THE SCREAMING!?
marissa: macy here decided to scream in my ear while i was sleeping to wake me up
christian: *high fives macy* good job macy! you need to get up anyways marissa, gotta get ready for your wedding!
marissa: oh right *gets up* ok im up!
christian: good *goes back downstairs but falls down the stairs* AHHH!
marissa,macy: *run to him* CHRISTIAN!?
christian: stupid cookie distracted me!
macy: how!?
christian: its yummy
marissa: your ok right?
christian: *stands up* yeah im fine *walks away yelling and pointing at the cookie*
macy,marissa: ???
marissa: i swear one of these days we are going to get that boy some help!
macy: agreed!
*they go back upstairs and start getting ready. after about 3 hours there done and its almost time to leave*

marissa looks like:
with her hair like: http://www.polyvore.com/marissas_hair...
her makeup like: http://media.photobucket.com/image/si...
her veil: http://www.polyvore.com/marissas_veil...

macy looks like: http://www.polyvore.com/macys_dress/s...
with her hair like: http://s1025.photobucket.com/albums/y...
her makeup like: http://s1025.photobucket.com/albums/y...
her veil: http://www.polyvore.com/macys_veil/se...

marissa: *a little teary eyed* we look awesome!
macy: aww dont cry *wipes away a tear* why are you crying?
marissa: im just really happy!
macy: awww i am too *hugs her* now don't cry. you'll mess up your makeup*giggles*
marissa: *laughs*sorry
???: *comes in the room* hello ladies
marissa: dont you know how to know!?
macy: yeah! what are you doing here anyways?
???: what? i can't wish you girls good luck?
marissa: your the last person we expect to hear that from!
???: well... good luck
marissa,macy: *roll their eyes* leave!
???: sheesh! dont need to be mean!
marissa: like you were to us!?
macy: yeah just go!
???: what if i dont wanna?
marissa: CHRISTIAN!
christian: *comes upstairs* whats up? you girls look beautiful!
macy: thanks! and can you please make justin leave?
justin: come on! i came up here to make a treaty with you 2!
marissa: not gonna happen now leave!
justin: please? christian forgave me!
macy: *to christian* you did?
christian: yeah...
marissa: why would you forgive him after he stabbed you and nearly killed you?
christian: listen, justin is a good person. he was just a little crazy that night
justin: exactly!
marissa,macy: we dont care!
macy: he still stabbed you christian! and the same night you nearly dies from choking!
marissa: that night left me scarred for life!
christian: *feels bad* they have a point justin...
justin: no they dont! ok yes i almost killed you but i felt terrible after i did it!
christian: i know... but still you could have stopped yourself.
justin: i know i could have but i went with the stupid choice to not!
christian: oh so you could have stopped yourself from stabbing me but decided not to! wow justin do you have any idea how mean that is?
justin: im sorry...
christian: i dont know if i can forgive you yet. im sorry *goes back downstairs but doesnt fall this time* YES I MADE IT DOWN THE STAIRS WITHOUT FALLING!!
marissa,macy: *laugh*
justin: you better not be laughing at me!
marissa,macy: *stop* we weren't geez!
justin: good cuz that might have been the last time you ever laughed *leaves*
marissa,macy: *look at eachother* im calling chaz/ryan! *they both call them*

*on the phone with marissa and chaz*

chaz: hey babe! ready to get married?
marissa: totally! but i gotta tell you something
chaz: you arent canceling it right!?
marissa: oh course not! i wouldnt do that in a million years!
chaz: oh ok. well what did you want to say?
marissa: its about justin...
chaz: what about him?
marissa: ...

TBC! is marissa gonna tell him what happened out let is pass? hmmm we'll see!

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