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Published on Aug 22, 2012

Bonus Episode 1 of my English Let's Play/Walkthrough of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (HD). Strategy guide to beat Secret Boss Fight: Julius VS Sora! In this first Bonus Episode, I'll give you a lot of hints and tips on how to defeat Julius easily.
We also obtain the "Ultima Weapon", another Keyblade for Sora.

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Lvl: 50
Keyblade: DiveWing
Commands: 3x Balloonra, Firaga Burst, Ars Arcanum,Curaga
Support Abilities: Second Chance

If you're having difficulties with your HP, I recommend you to bring 2 healing commands (another Cura or Curaga, or even Hi-Potions will do the trick).
Besides that, I also recommend you to have the "Once More" Ability (I didn't have this ability back when I defeated him, otherwise, the fight would have been easier).

Julius can be hard the first time you try defeating him. But if you know how to predict his attacks, the whole challenge will be gone and the fight turns to be really easy actually.
There's no special technique to defeat him (knowing his attack pattern is the best strategy in my opinion)...
But for this Boss Fight, I'm going to use the Balloon Method (I used Balloonra, but you can also bring Balloon or Balloonga if you have these commands).
These commands will deal a lot of damage, with no effort at all, so if you know when to use them, you will beat him with ease.
To start off, here are the attacks he can use:
-Punching Combo: he'll start punching everything around him;
-Grabbing Attack: he grabs you and either Poisons or Confuses you;
-Crushing Attack: he'll try to crush you with his whole body, when you're close to him;
-Running Attack: he starts running all over the place and deals a lot of damage;
-Body Slam: this attack looks like some kind of wrestling technique;
-Building Jumper: he'll jump to a building nearby, and then tries to slam you repeatedly to the ground (this attack can sometimes block your commands);
-Electrical Rage: he'll start using this technique when half of his HP is depleted. All of his attacks become even more powerful (try to have healing commands available by that time).

My strategy consists in using the Balloonra commands every time there's a chance to do it, without taking any damage. I prefer to use the Balloonra when: I'm far away from him; he stops moving or when he tries to use his Body Slam attack. Sometimes, I also use Firaga Burst and Ars Arcanum, but it can be really risky if you don't time it well.
Other than that, I just keep avoiding or blocking some of his attacks and using Counter Rush.

A good way to deal easy damage with Counter Rush is to block his Punching Combo. The best way to do it is to start blocking, by the time he starts his second punch, and then using the Counter Rush. If you're really close to Julius and you start blocking right away, chances are he will still get you and deal a lot of damage.
After blocking a series of Punching Combos, Julius will stop moving. That's your chance to get him and use some more Balloonra!
When he uses Body Slam, dodge right away and use another Balloonra command.
Avoid his Grabbing Attack at all costs!!! When you're confused, all controls are inverted and it's really hard to avoid his attacks.
If you stay away from him, his Crushing Attack shouldn't be a problem for you.
Besides that, I don't recommend you to go to higher places, because that will trigger more often his Building Jumper Attack, which can knock you out really easily (it also blocks some of your commands).
His Running Attack his invincible, so blocking won't help you. I found out that running in an opposite direction will be more effective to avoid it, than rather dodging or using Sonic Impact.
Things can get really rough when half of his HP is depleted. He'll start using Electrical Rage, which is really hard to avoid. You probably will get some damage, so I recommend you to have a healing command available, by that time. From there on, he will have electricity around his body, making his attacks even more powerful. A simple Grabbing or Crushing Attack can launch a spark right at you (even if you're keeping some distance), so be careful.
After some time, the electricity should disappear, but if you don't manage to beat him fast, he may use his Electrical Rage once again.

If you manage to defeat him, you'll be rewarded with the "Ultima Weapon" Keyblade. To get it for Riku, you'll also have to beat Julius with him.
After that, you can challenge Julius as many times as you want. You just have to examine the manhole in the Fountain Plaza. ;-)

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