Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 39 (The Zodiac Killer)





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Published on Jan 8, 2012

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Investigation in Serial Killers, Assassin's, Mass Murder, Cults, MK-ULTRA, Military, Army, U.S. Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, CIA, Black Ops, FBI, OSS (CIA), SRA, Satanic Networks, Occult, Magical Thinking


Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjLcFp...

Gary Heidnik Jeffrey Dahmer Ted Bundy Kaczynski David Berkowitz Dean Corll Mark Chapman Sirhan Charles Whitman Wayne Williams Henry Lee Lucas William Heirens Marc Dutroux Leonard Lake Manson Richard Ramirez Speck Ed Kemper Arthur Shawcross John Gacy Albert DeSalvo Bob Berdella Herb Baumeister MK-ULTRA Illuminati World Government Australia AISO Psyop Gun Control 1996 28 April Tasmania Hells Angels Monster Charlize Theron Daytona Beach Female Serial Killer Edmund Kemper Co-Ed Killer Process Church of the Final Judgement Anton LeVey Roman Polanski Sharon Tate Susan Atkins Sammy Davis Jr. Rosemary LaBianca Leno LaBianca Abigail Folger The Family Spahn Ranch Hells Angels MDA Drug Trafficking Gambling
Snuff Ring Kiddie Porn Pornography S&M Rituals King Albert the Second Belgium Society Snuff Film Police Officials Black Mass Satanism Occult Practises International Paedophile Ring Opinion Polls Protsest EU Michelle Martin Anton LaVey Satanic Bible Gerard John Schaefer Clark Douglas Mark DeMarco Stephen Williams Invisible Darkness Masonic Skull Richard Ramirez The Night Stalker Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer Satanic Influence Mary Elizabeth Harriman Tweek Canada Pedophilic Pedophiliac Tendencies Theft
Breaking and Entering Parole Air Force Camp Mirage Dubai Afghanistan Hells Angels Abduction Snuff Films Vancouver Canada RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police Corruption Dave Pickton Marijuana Survivor Witness Pig Farmer Piggy Palace Bikers San Francisco American Justice Witches Coven Military Connection Occult Bondage Sacrifice The Collector Fowles Novel Cult Situation Black Mass Armageddon New World Order Sex Slave Brenda O'Connor Family Canada Death Sentence Fred Rose West Glouchester Police England UK Patio Floorboards John West Black Magic Bar
Process Church of the Final Judgement Robert Degrimston Malta The Wizard Charles Manson Tate Murders Yonkers Brooklyn Dog Sacrifices Park Cult Satanic Network Roy Radin Cotton Club Impresario Contract Killing Oslo Mass Murder 2011 Norwegian Farm Special Forces Marijuana MI5 English Defense League Freemasonry Illuminati Knights Of Malta Neonazi Manifesto
Ted Kacsinksky International Network Political Leaders Military Base Brainwashed Mind Controlled Gunmen Lone Nut Victims New World Order Knights Templar 2083 Satanism Robert Bob Berdella Occult Viktor Sayenko Igor Suprunyuck Russia Ukraine Alexander Hanzha Rich Foreign Website Operator Bob's Bizarre Bazaar Scapegoat Additional Cover-Ups Berdella Interview CIA Iran-Contra Lieutenant Col. Oliver North Flea Market Yosemite California I Know My First Name is Steven Cedar Lodge methamphetamine Carole Sund Juli Sund Silvina Pelosso Joie Armstrong San Quentin FBI Dean Corll John Allen Mohammad Richard Allen Davis Dennis Nilsen Gary Heidnik Robert Lee Yates NATO Oslo Conference Washington DC Sniper Timothy McVeigh Oklahoma City Bombing Dennis Rader BTK Killer Randy Kraft U.S. Air Force Canadian Forces Gary Ridgway Roy Norris Anthony Sowell Scarborough Rapist Jane Doe Ken Murray Publication Ban Kristen French Leslie Mahaffy Jon Benet John Patsy Ramsey Boulder Society Pedophile Ring Burke Ramsey Cover-Up Sexually Abused Stephen Singular Oklahoma City Bombing Terry Nichols ATF Conspiracy RFID Chip Enlisted in the Army Experimental Black Project Mind Control Electronic Warfare Josef Mengle Brainwashing Desert Storm Medal of Honor False Flag Operation Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined 2010 Documentary Shutter Island Jacob's Ladder Bug 2006 The Killing Room The Most Dangerous Game Michael Tsarion Architecs of Control Program Donald Ewan Cameron Shock therapy Interrogation Techniques Manchurian Candidate 2004 Jim Keith A Clockwork Orange Stanley Kubrick Bilderberg Group Population Control I-70 Murders Indianapolis Ohio Sav-A-Lot Fox Hollow Farm Larry Eyler Robert David Little Children's Bureau ACLU Homicide Case Littleton Colorado Cassie Bernall Black Metal Music Doom Basketball Diaries Sacrifice Marilyn Manson Brooks Brown Satanists Wiccans Anton LaVey's Satanic Bible She Said Yes The Unlikely Martyrdom Bae Gottini Eric Harris Dylan Klebold Columbine High School San Francisco Area



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