Camilla is so lovely





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Published on Aug 19, 2009

She's so nice :)

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (née Shand, formerly Parker Bowles, born 17 July 1947) is the second wife of Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, the heir apparent to the thrones of 16 independent states. Since her marriage to the Prince of Wales, Camilla has been legally entitled to the style and title of Princess of Wales,[2] though she uses one of her other titles Duchess of Cornwall in all parts of the United Kingdom except Scotland, where she is titled as Duchess of Rothesay.[3] This preference of title reflects a desire to avoid confusion with the title closely identified in part of the 1980s and 1990s with the Prince of Wales's first wife, Diana, Princess of Wales.

A long-time friend and supporter of Prince Charles, Camilla was herself also previously married, and had two children during the union. She entered the public consciousness when it was revealed that she had become the Prince of Wales' mistress while they were both married and after their respective marriages had broken down. Following Charles and Diana's divorce, Clarence House (Charles' household) advised on Camilla's public relations, and she gradually became a significant part of royal life. Today, she supports the Prince of Wales in his official duties, and carries out engagements of her own, mostly associated with the 40 or so charities of which she is President or Royal Patron.

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audrey pardoe
So unfortunate these two adulterous malevolent parasites could not be disposed of in a nasty fatal car accident! Hopefully some terrorists will soon focus on this pair for the oxygen of publicity.
What is so lovely about that Ugly Warthog ?!  Give me a break !   I would sooner kiss a Baboon than that repulsive thing .
Margo Hr
What is a ‘marriage’ built upon a scandalous foundation of deceit, lying, cheating, whoring, scheming, conniving, dishonour and dirty tampon lust? Is this illegal marriage to be celebrated? This ‘wedding’ is an appalling disgrace and an insult to the children of the shameless adulterers the repulsive filthy EVIL manipulative poxed whore Camilla & idiot inbred Tampax Charles. People are not fooled by this false façade even HM the Queen famously described the camilla whore as “THAT WICKED WOMEN”
Margo Hr
Did it not strike anyone as utterly inappropriate how pathetic inbred Tampax Charles and the vile Camilla whore were further demonstrating their unpopularity when sent to the Middle East to represent the United Kingdom? They are two self-acknowledged adulterers visiting a country where, had they been citizens of that country; would have been sentenced to be stoned to death! We live in hope this might happen very soon or at least some third world terrorist blows them away like uncle mountbattern!
0:47 I have always liked this picture of cowmilla and her much prettier sister
Hannah Yeoh
Where is she lovely face?huh...Asshole face fucking ugly.
Johnny Hollingsworth
I bet old Camilla can fart like a pack mule
normalil normalil
I have always admired and liked her, she is a wonderful Queen-in Waiting. It is heart warming to see how happy and content she has made our beloved Prince of Wales. God Bless them both.
Margo Hr
Camilla is a repulsive drunken evil old whore. All that chain smoking heavy drinking and promiscuity will come to haunt her very soon. She will end up the same way as the fraudster brother who fell over drunk broke his neck and killed himself or their whore mother who died of congenital Syphilis! Camilla is a wretched uncouth VILE UGLY TOXIC WHORE, she has never worked a day in her life other than on her back with her legs open for money from numerous married men (this is understood to be a reflex action now). Dressing her in good clothes IS LIKE GARNISHING A TURD!
M.Pati Dominguez
No comments. I just miss unreplaceable-DIANE, our true QUEEN OF HEARTS.
Harsha Weeraratne
Newly married couple.A wicked old bat of a grand mother, and grand father.Every one is cooing about their love.,story..
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