Love For My Teacher EP.7





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Published on Dec 29, 2009

Joe- im not a guy im a man
Miley-*laughs* you had me worried there for a second
Joe-and what were you worried about
Miley- that I got my self im a bad situation
Joe- well no need to worry im not a weirdo
Miley- well good then


Jiley-*sitting in the living room*
Joe- you tired
Miley-just a little
Joe- well want to go to bed
Miley- yah were do I sleep
Joe- with me silly
Miley-*smiles* ok
Joe-*grabs her hand and they go upstairs and lays down*
Miley- *lays her head on his chest*
Joe-*stokes her hair*night baby girl
Miley- night mister man
Joe-*chuckles and kisses her head lightly*

That morning

Miley-*wakes up and notices joe not next to her*joe
Joe- *comes in from the bathroom* well good morning you might want to get ready for school
Miley- ok
Joe- you can use my bathroom im done in here
Miley- why think u *goes to get dressed*
Joe-*Yells* no need to rush we go a while
Miley- *comes out* well im already done
Joe- I thought it took girls like an hour to get ready
Miley-well not this girl
Joe- well since your ready might as well head to school
Miley- ok

In the school parking lot
Joe- ok you go one way and I go the other
Miley-*confused* why
Joe- we dont want people to find out that were together well both get in big trouble
Miley- oh right
Joe- and you cant tell anyone
Miley- you to
Joe- well se you when your in my class
Miley- sure will *gives him a quick kiss on the check and goes in the school*
Joe- *walks to his class room thinking about miley*

Later that day in Mr. Jonass class

Miley-*walks in with selena and demi*
Joe-*smiles when he sees her*ok class take your seat
Miley-*takes her seat in the front row so she can be right near joe*
Joe-*starts explaining the assignment*
Miley- *justs stairs at him not even listening to him*
Joe- alright class get to work you have 25 minutes
Miley-*whispers*oh shit
Joe- is there something wrong miss cyrus
Miley- um no nothing
Joe- well you might want to get started
Miley- um ok *looks at the worksheet and doesnt know half of what shes looking at*
Joe-*walks up and leans down to her height*sure there isnt a problem
Miley-um no
Joe- ok
20 minutes later
Joe- five minutes class
Miley-*looks at the blank paper on her desk*
5 minutes later
Bell rings
Everyone leaves but miley
Joe- *goes up to her*maybe you should stay after school and Ill explain the worksheet again
Miley- that would be great
Joe- so why didnt you pay attention
Miley-um well
Miley- just distracted
Joe-hum. Ok Ill believe that for know
Miley-*smiles innocently*
Joe-*helps her through her work*
Miley-thank you
Joe- no problem do you need a ride home
Miley-no thanks I can walk
Joe-no im not gonna make you walk home all alone
Miley- joe its fine Ive always done it
Joe- well I wasnt in your life then
Miley- joe you dont have to
Joe- but I want to
Miley- fine

At mileys house
Miley- you want to come in with me
Joe- um isnt your mom home
Miley no I think shes at work
Joe- ok then
Miley *goes in her house and sees a note on the fridge*
Joe- is everything ok?
Miley-um.. My mom left for a business trip
Joe- oh
Miley- yah *hands the note to joe*
Joe- reads it


Im leaving for about four months Ill call you in about a week on your cell. I dont want you to stay home alone so could you please stay with a friend. I hope your not mad at me but I just found out today. Love, mom

Joe- oh miley im sorry
Miley- what do you mean she goes on these trips all the time its just selenas mom doesnt want me over at there house anymore because of what happened last time and demi well I dont know about her
Joe- well you could stay with me
Miley- joe I cant
Joe- of course you can
Miley- are you sure
Joe- of course
Miley- well I might want to start packing
Joe- you do that Ill be here waiting


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