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Uploaded on Jul 19, 2008

Both girly "men" and
"women" in present day
America have so
degenerated to
the present
of what can
be truthfully
considered as
a quite abnormal one
regarding "THE CHILDREN"
and the reason for such
a degeneration of American
society across the whole of
the continent of America and
as a totality is because,
as Gurdjieff wrote it,
"in order
that the flow of
should not
hinder them
from concentrating,
everything was arranged
so that their thoughts
should be directed the
whole time to wishing
for the well-being of
their present or
future children."

A dire situation indeed!

It is no wonder that
the Muslims wish to
destroy America!

But then, we must
bear in mind that
war and violence
is no final
and to impose
violence and war
upon others FOR ANY
REASON is not good
for the planet
Earth as
a whole and
over the long

All of the above, as
explained by Gurdjieff,
has to do with . . .
" . . . that after the organ kundabuffer had been removed from the
three-brained beings of your planet, the first generations of their
descendants very soon learned that a certain substance had to be
transformed through them and that their
assistance in this transformation was
one of their chief being-duties . . . (ch 43)"

. . . the knowledge for which was lost since ancient Mesotamia which is that part of the world that America now occupies AND OCCUPIES FOR VERY GOOD

. . . America by virtue
of her presence in Iraq
is saving the planet in
terms of all of this knowledge
given to us by Gurdjieff in
Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson, including all of the reasons why this
is so concerning our two being-duties to God.

"These beings of the
continent of Atlantis
even devised a wise and
practical means of fulfilling
these two being-duties—-namely,
the duty of perfecting their
higher bodies and the duty
of serving the Most Great
Cosmic Trogoautoegocrat—-
by uniting them into one
and performing them
simultaneously. (ch 43)"

"But to the misfortune of
everything existing in the
Megalocosmos, there is no
honesty in your favorites
in fulfilling their duties,
not even toward that Nature
to whom, in truth, they owe
their very existence.

"As regards the absence
of honesty in your favorites
in the fulfillment of their
duty toward Nature, I have
just remembered a very wise
saying of our incomparable
teacher Mullah Nasr Eddin,
the hidden meaning of
which is borne out in
the present case.

"'Plague and cholera are
in any event nobler than
human honesty, for people
with a conscience can at
least live at peace with
them.'(ch 43)"

And so it is true that what can
be derived from all of the above,
having to do with cosmic forces on
the level of the solar system, that
what happened on 9-11 at the World
Trade Center in New York was a law-
conformable result of these same
planetary and cosmic tensions
and vibrations having to do
with the malevolent European
influence on that area of the
world known as Persia and that
men on the earth reacted
mechanically to these
higher cosmic forces
and so violence and
war was the result.


Real Conscience as a positive emotion
is a guide for us for right action because
it is in the light of Real Conscience as it
comes through from Real "I" that we can look
on our contradictory selves and simply see
the various contradictions as we are seen
from a higher level and in this way we
can get an idea of how we are looked
on by what is highest in us. We
cannot do this willy nilly by
"decision" alone, but if we
try WE GET AN IDEA and for
a moment we can see how we
have been without any
positive emotion and
this is what Real
Conscience is.

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