Nonpartisan Mayor of Denver for Marcus Giavanni 2019




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Published on Jan 23, 2018

2019 Mayor: Did you hear "GP7A News and the "Speer Amendment" Law 1913. Published January 23, 2018 11:38 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Nonpartisan Mayor | Denver | Marcus Giavanni" 2019 | YouTube Cnaeela News"." Di you hear about tap the vote. Known as #taptheVote. The Denver Post Presented #tapthevote at the Denver auditorium'.'

GP7A News: Official news coverage of then Candidate Donald Trump. Talks about Hillary and the things, Wings over the Rockies then Candidate Donald Trump 2016. Boy he turned out to be right? about a lot of things. All Americans are asking ... "What would of happened if Hillary and bill were in the White house. WE WOLD ALL BEFCKED and you all know it. So does Google! And all the other browsers, and email servers, and Internet providers"." They all know, except those who are resisting Innovation,. Love and Peace in Denver, Colorado 2019"." everyone is Welcomed.

In 2014, The Denver Post wrote ... There’s no such thing as “nonpartisan” https://www.denverpost.com/2014/09/19... Since the battle cries, where first bellowed, brought Some Denver Citizen to a standstill in 2011.

When Marcus Giavanni (gathering signatures to have name placed on ballot) knocked on his first door. And heard the woes, from Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and other Voters who have noted voted in decades. Denver Mayor 2019, What Denver Mayor 2019. Who is really running for Denver Mayor 2019. Wake up Denver Voters, don't be fooled again"." When in doubt go for the underdog!

For the last June 2018 makes 3 years. We have watched what
Mayor Michael Hancock has accomplished with big title
plans, with big billion-dollar price tags.

Including his pay check for $260,000 per year. (For saving two terms as City Council Member ($90,000) and two terms as Mayor of Denver (Full salary of 170,000 per year). So many voters are confused of what Mayor Hancock Makes. that was a big question if there was a Mayoral Debate in 2015 elections.

I listened to Teacher, professors. Dignified leaders, and business owners, Blue Collar, Black, White, Jewish, Latino, Italian, Irish, etc. There is a wide variety of people, all colors, creeds, lifestyles.

I took everything they said and wrote content. 1st, person, 2nd person. These are all levels of personal authority. And it goes on from there.

They said “Everyone who loves Denver should get rid of
the partisan politics. And lead Nonpartisan Government
and save the Mayor Michael Hancock partisan politics
for the State, and Federal Elections”.

Knocking on random doors for signatures in 2011 for
Mayor. 2014 for Governor, 2015 Mayor. And everyone,
took their places, and we spun a web
for the since 2011.

The real action was 2006 -20014 For those who say I play victim card??? "Nonpartisan Mayor of Denver for Marcus Giavanni 2019"
... victim this! , with his $700,000,000 shorts falls for every year he has been Mayor. This is 100% Facts folks.

Who will also help the new Governor in 2018.

Just look at the last 10 years. Is Denver better off now with crime, drugs, homeless, housing, health care, elder care, minority and voter exclusion. No, our Mayor Michael Hancock reached
PEAK LEADERSHIP. Sooner or later, you’re going to run out of the wisdom of your mentors, and you will have t have created your
own wisdom. Thus, Michael Hancock will not be reelected.
Wellington Web will have to help guide the new ideas
of a 2st century … MAN-G!

My adopted father used to say. A man can only go so far on someone else’s wisdom, and authority. Eventually, that man will have to learn. To gather his own Wisdom, to be greater than the men, that man confined in.”.”


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