Speer Gold Dot 9mm +P 124 gr JHP SIM-TEST w/denim





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Published on Apr 17, 2011

Simple penetration and expansion test of the Speer Gold Dot 9mm +P 124 grain hollowpoint, using a diluted form of SIM-TEST Ballistic Testing Media. This format is comparable to ballistic gel, and includes four layers of denim. Video includes brief overview of the cartridge, recoil shots, and one shot test. Post-shot evaluation shows bullet path through the block, average diameter, and retained weight. Test gun was a Glock 19, 4" barrel. Advertised muzzle velocity is 1220 fps, my 5-shot average was 1204 fps. Test shot is from 10 feet. BB calibration, approx. 600 fps, was 3.3".


Early on, I used wetpack for ammo testing, with or without denim. Beginning in 2011 I use SIM-TEST calibrated to ballistic gel specs plus 4 layers of denim. The denim is an IWBA standard simulating the density of heavy clothing. Please understand that these techniques are merely representations to indicate possible ballistics; they are not intended to replicate real-world street results. Even by adding bone, additional clothing, etc., there are just too many factors involved in a self-defense scenario to offer a 100% degree of accuracy when compared to street results. It is essential to perform exhaustive research on your carry choice, which could yield actual use data. The law-abiding citizen bears ultimate responsibility for their ammunition choice and insuring reliability in their handgun.

CAMERA: Sony HDR-CX560V, 60p, 28 mbps, 1920 x 1080 HD.
EDITING: Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10, MP4, 30p, 16 mbps.

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@FiT PT  When I produced this video in 2011, yes, the Gold Dot was my primary carry.  It is still in my Top 3 for any caliber, but I'm currently carrying Critical Duty 135 gr +P.  I find that option to provide an excellent balance of weight and velocity, and it's one of the best penetrating JHP's I've tested. FWIW, the ammo companies, including Speer ATK, do not subsidize my efforts or opinions whatsoever.
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Matt Morris
Could you maybe test this in the Glock 43 it's what I think I like because it looks like it work good in the Glock 19. Oh great videos!
Can you please review the Black Hills 9mm 124gr JHP? I haven't found any reliable reviews for it. Or, if you have a video link, that would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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Nick B
Seeing ballistic gel testing makes me appreciate how much it must suck to get shot.
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Lance Smith
JACCO20082012 it's not really that hard. Even just knick an artery and you're pretty much toast unless you have a tourniquet on you. Or a couple hollow points in your center of mass (chest to head region, aka the golden triangle) you will be dripping and dying very soon.
Blake Ahlers
It depends on what you mean by "function".  If by function you mean still "alive" then yes.  However, there is a major difference from being passed out or writhing in severe pain and still able to continue to fight.
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Bob OnDeezNuts
FACT - This round will do more damage than any .40 you can find AND it's less wear and tear on your gun !! - don't be upset, just take a few deep breaths and learn to live with it folks LOL :)
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Donald Trump
Lucky Underwood in ca we only get 10rds per mag so that's something to think about if you live in cali.
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Scott Basham
This is the NYPD load. Good enough for me.
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That story is inaccurate, those bullets were stopped after going through the first layer of jacket, through the perp, then stopped by the Second layer of jacket on his back.
Scott Basham
9mm +p is more powerful than .38 special +p. And I have a Ruger 9mm that is so well designed that it hardly kicks at all. It's easier to shoot than my Makarov, which is only slightly more powerful than a .380.
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Danielle Alcazar
can i run the speer gold dot 124gr+p short barrel in my glock 19? +tnoutdoors9 
Kevin M
Yes. Glock 19 is fully rated for +P loads.
Boris Shevchenko
I was a member of the 40K member department prior to 2009. Due to politics, the street load before the GD HP was Winchester 115gr FMJ. A dismal stopper and it presented a serious over-penetration hazard to the public. After GD was issued, the terminal effects on bad guys was a real eye opener. When I went camping or hiking in the back country, I would swap out my FMJ with ANY hollow point. After the transition to GD and seeing the street results, the 124gr+P GD HP has remained my primary carry load in 9mm.
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82 Luft
Justin Todd, thanks for recommending ammo spy. As you know, I've been using SGammo for quite a while. They ship on the same day (or the next day. Can't remember witch). Fast delivery. Nevertheless I will follow up on your lead. Again, thanks for watching out.
Justin Todd
SGAmmo.com is good, but use ammospy.net to help you find the best ammo. I used to only use AmmoSupplyWarehouse, but ammospy will help you find the best! Hey, $20 is still $20...
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Just bought the underwood version on these. Confidence.
Simple put! It would be a toss up between the underwoods loading of these or Winchester Ranger t's
The 9mm is VERY reliable in hollow points as it has a high velocity, which is why it expand outstandingly.
Justin Todd
Please, forgive me if I already said this before, but I don't remember... TIP* You pull your shots low and to the left with that G19? I did the same with my fullsize XDm 3.8 9mm, but I am a lefty so I was pulling low and to the right. I'm guessing, you are doing exactly what I was doing... You are probably PULLING the trigger back too aggressively; not pushing it STRAIGHT back. Remember, focus on pushing it back, and I shit you not your groups WILL stop going low and to the right:-) Do this, RIGHT NOW... Hold your hand up like the weapon is in your hand, and pull the imaginary trigger like you normally would. You should notice your index finger would be pulling the barrel low and to the left, right? Don't PULL the trigger, but focus on pushing it straight back so the barrel never gets pulled to one side. Hey, I'm almost 33, and I have been shooting for over 20yrs! Just last year I was having the problem of going low and to the right. As we age; we forget very simple things... Don't sweat it. Good luck fixing the problem, Sir!
xrc ccr
"Only takes one shot with the Speer gold dot"
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