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Published on Aug 8, 2012

http://freemychronicpain.com, 559-255-7121 Chiropractic Tip #27 on Back Pain Prevention and Treatment from Kings Canyon Chiropractic and Dr. Dao.

Have you ever bent down to tie your shoe or pick up some thing very light off the floor and pulled your back? This is more common than you think.

If you have not, then I'm sure someone you know has. You don't have to be a professional chiropractor to know lower back pains are common in 80% of people. Do you wonder how just bending over to tie your shoe can cause you to hurt your back?

When you blow out your back it's not commonly due to the specific instance of a sports injury, personal injury, or like our example of bending over. Rather, it's most often connected to a chronic physical wear and tear that our body go through on daily basis. One can prevent the lower back pain by doing the correct preventive things and leading a chiropractic influenced thought process in lifestyle-behavior.

For example getting a regular chiropractic spinal adjustment, properly stretching, ensuring some form of core-strengthening exercises, and staying physically active all can help prevent lower back injuries. The analogy I use with my patients is having a tooth cavity, you don't develop that tooth problem from having candy once. It comes from not going to see your dentist for regular maintenance and not brushing your teeth at home.

If you do not keep your back (and importantly the related muscle groups around it like the hamstrings and glutes) in good shape there is also a chance of disc herniation or the development of sciatica - not fun!

The good news is if you do strain your lower back or herniate a disc it can be treated and return back to stable health. However, such is life, it's wiser to prevent the problem from occurring then waiting for it to occur and attempting then to correct.

Some rehab, stretching, and lifestyle behavioral tips to prevent lower back pains & issues: 1. Stretching at least once a day, the muscles you want to stretch are your low back,hamstrings, and gluts. 2. Strengthen your core, not by doing sit ups but doing planks and side planks, these exercises strengthen your transverse abs and help stabilize your core.
3. Getting regular chiropractic care, I recommend once ever 3 months (from a professional like Dr. Dao at Kings Canyon Chiropractic).

If you follow these simple steps you will save yourself a lot of pain, discomfort, and medical care expenses in the long run.

Try to keep educated through web resources, classes, and speaking to certified physicians, not just personal trainers. We have some good resources for you to check out beneath.

Remember the body is interconnected; if muscle group A hurts, it is probably not independent of several other muscle groups. Stay informed and stay fit!

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