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[Miku & Deco*27] Yume Yume「ゆめゆめ」[English Subtitles]





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Published on Jan 12, 2012

Wow Deco*27 never disappoints with his beautiful and touching songs! He is one of the main reasons (Ai kotoba especially) that I began to love Vocaloid and why I began to study Japanese. It has been so long since I have seen him write a song with Miku. This song will be the official theme song of Project Mirai, the new 3DS Vocaloid game. (which will also feature GUMI). There is always so much love, hope, and sadness expertly mixed together in all of Deco's lyrics. Please support Deco and Miku by purchasing his albums when you can! Buy Project Mirai as well of course! (Though you will need a Japanese 3DS...)

Note about title translation: "Yume Yume" besides literally meaning Dream, Dream can also be translated as an idiom meaning "certainly, diligently, with persistence, absolutely". If you think about it that second meaning fits well with this song and is totally classic Deco*27, who loves his double meanings. I felt Dream Dream looked nicer for the actual title, but the more you know...

I've had several people ask me about the "meaning" of the song. While I think that this can vary person to person here is one way of looking at it:

"In the song, the little girl is singing to her "dreams" (the older girl). She is talking about how her dream feels far away and distant, something she thinks she has seen before but cannot truly remember. Every time she gets close to her dream she feel its disappears or she loses it. However this dream helps her move forward in life and find happiness and success. So when she grows up and remembers her life, she wants to thank her "dream" for helping her through good times and bad times. She talks about how she knows that she is never alone, because her dreams are there beside her, helping her live her life."

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If anyone has requests, comments, or questions feel free to contact me. I am always looking for friends to collaborate with and would love to hear from you as well! Thanks for listening and please subscribe!

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TheKashirader (Kashira Hanazumu)
+Carli Pettyjohn Yeah TT-TT 
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+TheKashirader You really cant T~T
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Rose Pixie Exspress
When I listen to the song I begin to believe that the dream was her. The dream was always her. Adult her. It was who she wanted to be when she grew up. Then when she became her  younger self gave her the letter. The dream was her her dream self who she finally became once she stopped being depressed.
Joshua Vargas
Yeah... it also makes sense because the Adult Miku, the one in a work uniform in the middle of the crowded city, does not appear in the credits when Teenage and Child Miku were... probably the dream WAS Adult Miku.
Eddy Serrano
»>°<« €= this song inspire me
Kawaii Wolfie
There's always this amazing mix of emotions that I experience with DECO*27's songs. The songs generally sound all cutesy, but the lyrics as well as the music video are really so beautiful and actually fit the melody so well that I can't help but shed a tear when I watch a DECO*27 video.
+lordcloudx Deco*27's like a drug, I always dialed it up when I need a hit of the FEELS. "OHH YEAH, That's the stuff." I'll be quiet now.
2:28 rin and len in the backround
Nice one ;D
Mayu Rose
I am now reminded of my imaginary friend when I was little, it wasn't a made up one though, it was Tidus from Final Fantasy cause I had one of those games form my PS2 XD I always imagined him coming to me during the night and wanting to take me somewhere to have dessert for some reason (just don't ask, it's easier for me XD) now that I'm older, I just realized, I never got my dessert. motherfucker •~•
Mayu Rose
+Jose Galoco oh my god XD
Jose Galoco
he was too busy banging yuna
Bethan Rees
This is my favourite DECO*27 song. And, even better, it was uploaded on my birthday 2 years ago. BEST PRESENT EVER. THANK YOU DECO. ^w^
I always saw the title as "You/Me You/Me" "Dream Dream", like "You" are "my"(me) dream and "I"(me) am "Your"(you) dream.
TheKashirader (Kashira Hanazumu)
Can be.... :D
Does anyone listening to this get reminded of a figure in your dreams that was with you until you turned older? I'm reminded every time of mine. Coincidentally, I also decided to name him. To put it literally, the song can probably be about someone's adventure with their dream figure and how it made them realize what they were trying to say when they grew up. Oh man, if I had a dream where I switched sides and became my dream figure, I'd cry a little.
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