this guy cant be human: servet tazegül -1-





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Published on Mar 18, 2011

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There are 4 main kinds of Taekwondo Haters & are as follows= (1) - Muay Thai beginners (who is literally afraid of Tkd spining kicks)    (2) - Proud karateist (who has never been into a full contact fight)  (3) - Wannabe streat fighters (who has never been into a real fight, and thinks he can            take on every fighter in the world ) (4) - Former unsuccessful Taekwondo practitioners,(For whom, TKD was too much to            handle)        (= - =) Cause a real fighter knows, it's the person that makes the difference not the         style.
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Daniel Arief
can't find anything inhuman in this vid.
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Chill guys, it's a sport. You don't bash a basketball player for his inability to skate in case a hockey game breaks out. TKD isn't my thing either but give credit where it's due. These guys seem like they're really good at what they do.
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Luis Patino
click bait at its finest
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wow, internet fighting masters everywhere
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Devi Uchiha
not human because he fights like a cardboard box? I don't get it.
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Leigh Burke Project
Meh, back to the flat earth videos.
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Bobby Uttcrumbs
This is the most brutal game of footsies I have ever witnessed.
Micko Tabbun
For all people saying tkd is wasted boring dull and etc why dont you try a saprring with me and lets see
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Emmanuel Reyes
+MartialArtsFan72 Let me correct you and correct a lot of people when they comment about TKD. There are two main styles of TKD and I say two main styles because from those you have a lot of derivative Dojos and McDojos without including the ones that are not even registered from frustrated teachers. I don't blame you for your comments because that tells me that not only you but a lot of people are ignorant to the reality and don't know the art as it fullest. Traditional TKD was created and teach as a self defense for the Korean Military, then it got teach to schools and public. This style concentrate on strong kicks and complete control, self defense, discipline and throws and this is why Gen Choi didn't want to turn it into an Olympic Sport. When South Korea created a copy of the Traditional TKD they made it Olympic and in order to be accepted by the Organization a lot of changes were done. Like no punching on the head and a lot of protective gear. This is why you see a lot of practitioners of this art with arms down when fighting because their concentration is on fast leg kicking. Are they teach self defense and punching? That all depends on their teacher and how dedicated he is to the art but the majority No, since is not needed. Even the forms from ITF and WTF are different, you can see the difference on strength and technique. I can talk all night about this but I hope that helps you and others understand why people think that TKD sucks and is because of the reputation gained by the WTF and since this is the one most recognized and allow to go to Olympics, this is the one that is getting milked for money, while the Traditional TKD is only known and teach by a few like myself.
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