Iran - Tehran 14 Feb.2011 Tear-gas attack and chant: "Death to dictator"





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Published on Feb 14, 2011

Source: http://www.facebook.com/Freedom.Messe...
Tehran 14 Feb 2011. Anti-regime protest, where at least 1500 protester was arrested and 2 protester was killed by the barbaric regime of Iran
By "cigar" he means cigarette.Cigarettes wear out the effect of tear gas.If you are smoking while there's tear gas in the air it won't affect you a lot.
در میان گاز اشک آور: مرگ بر دیکتاتور
در میان گاز اشک آور مردم شعار می‌دهند: مرگ بر دیکتاتور

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John Fast
I don't think they mean Ahmadinejad he cant be the Dictator since he hasn't got the Power to decide so much as ex. Saddam Hussein did. the real Dictator in Iran is: Seyyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei
John Fast
That wont do so much, it is the whole corrupt Mullah Regime that needs to go
Kill your president
@541R0 You mad? Israel got the U.S. on their side. Fuck with them, we'll fuck with you. Bitches. lol, Iran doesn't seem to get that Israel is our fucking ally so yes, we are going to fuck with you until you leave them the fuck alone. We have ICBM's and plenty of them unlike you stone ages motherfuckers. America was founded on war, it's what we do. If a world war is started, NATO won't mean squat so go ahead of think that bullshit in Afghanistan means we're soft if you want to.
@IcySkeptic The Qu'ran openly endorses violence. I know, I've read it. Mohammed was a pedophile. I know this too because it says it. 
@trollcrusher242 EXACTLY!!!! We help and help yet people always find ways to bash us. 
HAMEJA TAZAHORAT , Iran WAGHAN awash mishe ya na?AS uhn moghe ke Ahmadinejad dobare president shod, dige hich khabari as Iran nabood, halla che khabare, Egypt, Tunesia hame enghelab daran, Iranam hast, aslan hamchin chisi mishe dar Iran, ya nemishe? Agar kasi jawab mitoone bede, mamnoon misham, mersi
Matthew Bae
@AmericanPowerBase What's a buzzwenger? 
@TrueHeroProductions i would but there already in your mothers massively large penis
@JesusPaid4You what's the number? 1800-CALL-JESUS?
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