COMBAT FOOTAGE: Soldiers Ambushed In Kunar Provence





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Published on Mar 26, 2012

U.S. Army Soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division, get Ambushed by Insurgents in Kunar Province, Afghanistan.

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RIP to my old buddy Matt Walker of the 101st Airborne. Paktika Province. He passed June 5th, 2014 from an RPG assault on his machine gun position while securing the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan from insurgents crossing back and forth. RIP to all the fallen
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7.62 WAR DADDY Lol he shoulda stayed out of Afghanistan, haha
Sasyuk Uchiha
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Black Thought
You Cowards ask why did they retreat? Is that a serious fucking question? That ain't call of duty, that's war! When you are in a valley, the enemy has you pinned on both sides you get the fuck out of there or be chewed up! The enemy had superior positioning, it was impossible to take cover, as the enemy had the high ground on both sides of the valley. If they stayed and fought they would have took heavy casualties. They did what any TRAINED soldier would do call for air support. End result dead Taliban, no soldier lost. Sounds like a fucking win, win, to me. HOOAH
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Ryan Ortiz
Alex DizzyDasher no g4a e u realy die in this
alwaysgoods gaming
As a person whos been shot(and now USMA class of 2021), I agree. It's nothing like fucking Call of Duty.
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Kappa King
Look at all the idiots in the comments thinking that they cowered it out by retreating. This place ain't an X-Box. This shits no game. Getting pinned down from both sides on lower ground, you'd be one of the lucky ones if you got out of there with just a bullet wound in the leg. And don't think you can do any better either. Dodging RPG's, hoping you don't get hit with a mortar, and avoiding AK gunfire. Sorry to rain on your parade, but there is no such thing as re spawns in real life. Be thankful for your soldiers and be happy that you have your freedom.
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Zoobilee Zoo
In real life you never fight the enemy's battle. You always choose the time and place to fight (never let the enemy decide where and when to fight).
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Paolo Vito
props to the camera guy for going back for the soldier who tripped
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Aaron Turner
this shit aint like call of duty. aint no respawn
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Ayy it's Isaias
Can't stand these kids typing saying their pussies for leaving; truly disgraceful hoes. Yall niggas retarded 👋🏾😤 or some shit this is life dumbass you got a wife,kids,pets,family, a life to live. Why would a dumb bitch waste it like that? This ain't no Rambo action shit. These are Hero's fighting for our country.
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Rebecca Perry
Ayy it's Isaias The last sentence doesn't have a cuss word in it. And he is right. He's making a point. 😣
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the people shooting at them have the aim of a stormtrooper
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Kim Possible
most lethal combat is within 100m, these taliban and such attack from a distance normally to avoid our military's accurate fire. this warfare is always used against the superior army. they are scared to close attack most of the time because they lose more often than we do.
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Jason Brue
Everyone talking shit about the camera man he is a veteran with training and knows what he is doing. they don't just send any asshole out there with these guys. They don't need to baby people and that's why they don't send random assholes out there without training.
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elias weber
yeah who the fuck said that, what an idiot. they would never send him out there with bullets flying if he didnt know how to handle himself in live fire
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Can't wait to fight beside my brothers and sisters. Already at Training.
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Redpill ofmatrix
!!!!!!!!!!! what was that ???!!! LIVE AND LET LIVE...if we stop going they stop coming and when did they come anyway!!!??? That is how you get killed for NOTHING!!! NOW we are arming them and calling them moderate fighters. The fact is Iraqi troops took out ISIS and Saudi Weapons without Air cover they are winning! Iraqi troops shots at American air fighters because what we do in Iraq is like what we did with Saddam, helped him and then we give weapons to IRAN ' THE SAME PEOPLE INCHARGE TODAY" SO SADDAM SILKEDWORM OUR SHIP KILLING 25 OF OUR HEROES ! Our troops did not like being in a country did nothing to America. Now...each time we get in a fire fight we depend on the Air cover 100% to rescue and when they are 15 minutes away we don't like it and we retreat. There is no shame in calling it as we see it! no one wants to die... in some areas on top of the hills we count on each other and no one is coming to cover us with air power. war is not fun and you are stupid if you think this is a game. I have been in many wars and seen what it does to people like you, to others it is great because they make money of you bleeding making billions a year and say they care about you!!!?    I care about you and I say I keep you alive for when America is in danger by a real enemy and not by a name and enemy created at the CIA H.Q. I say you live and get married creating heroes for America. I say you live and make friends with people bare you no hate. YOU GO TO CAVES THAT THEY can take out America from "joke" killing them and they will want to come. THEY DONT NEED US AT ALL AND THEY HAVE NO USE FOR US...civilization and laws first created by them infact we everything we have from them!  we used to put horse-shit on our bleeding cuts and the church does not allow anyone doctor to heal if they did not grad from Schools in the Muslim world.Muslims pray to Christ and thanks Mary infact they are talked about in the Koran 27 times when in the Bible and all other books talked about 11 times.think before you talk and live to create a better world safe for us all. thank you for your love of America God bless you...
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John Josh
I bet that most people that act badass online would be too pussy to join the military and go to combat. Thanks for your service troops.
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Aust Gaming
John Josh that's mainly stero types but most soilders workout a lot
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