Magic or Medicine - Homeopathy and the NHS (Part 1 of 2)





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Published on Sep 14, 2010

Aired September 13, 2010 on BBC One -

Samantha Poling investigates how homeopathy has penetrated the heart of the NHS and asks whether prescribing homeopathic preparations for serious conditions could be dangerous for patients.

The investigation looks at the history and preparation of homeopathic remedies and the extent of their use in Scotland and England. Advocates of homeopathy, including patients and a former GP who overcame her scepticism and became an enthusiastic practitioner, report stories of dramatic recovery in some cases.

Glasgow still has a fully fledged homeopathic hospital while in English towns and cities, with the exception of London, such hospitals have been downgraded or closed. Powerful voices, including the British Medical Association, question the level of funding within the NHS for homeopathy and call for more evidence based research to back up the claims of homoepathic practitioners.

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Homeopathy works and cures like nothing in conventional medicine. It cured severe fear in my dog after he got his one and only rabies vaccine. There's no fooling animals and babies. Thank God for homeopathy! Conv medicine is terrified of it and is out to destroy it. Notice it's not covered by health insurance in the US - that's because of the corruption between the govmt and big pharma.
Human Optimization
how much was this group payed to make fun of something natural?  I'll choose great life over medicine ANY and every day, baby.
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damon bonner
Doctors calling themselves doctors is an insult, 
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For Dr. James McLay: homoeopathy is not proven and is not evidence based? Well, I'm one of those x sceptics that would not consider anything else than classic medicine, didn't help me, more than that, got me even sicker! homoeopathy saved my life, after I was poisoned with vaccines and radiation! please do not believe me, just do your own research!
Will Geddes
Homeopaths calling themselves doctors is an insult in itself
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Rajesh Shah
None of the medicines you referred to such as Hyena's saliva, etc. is homeopathic medicine. I think you have not done good home work. 
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so it works off of avogadro's limit
1) Doctor Ben certainly made a lot of qualifications (without ever citing the blind studies specifically) to make an unproven, undocumented, and personal statement to verify his "belief". Belief = what he's paid by his national MD association AND big pharma to promote. 2) Homeopathy treats the cause, not the symptom, which is why not everyone in every study will report success. 3) The Placebo effect of sugar pills with or without substance are STILL outperforming the allopathic medications. Short and long term treatments because they don't develop cures or solutions. They develop management drugs that cost little to produce and bring large revenues to everyone in the line of prescription.
Nomad Wizard
The proof is in the individual patents improvement. Not some bias small number survey/test. The person has to be treated as the whole/entire organism. We've been brainwashed by pharm big money lobby groups. Most western countries have had their government paid off by these lobby groups. The governments have thereby past laws that only a drug CAN CURE A DISEASE!??!?! and, EVERY ONE HAS AT LEAST HAVE A DOZEN SIDE-EFFECTS. Eat it up Sheeple. I prefer to live a long and healthy drug free life. Cheers
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Dr.chandrashekhar Kondoor
any thesis on this earth is contradicted by an antithesis then after a series of discussions a synthesis leading to a new thesis and anti thesis and the cycle continues. so please do not stand at the search for invisible molecule in the dose but move ahead for the relief that is seen atleast in those cases where the pathophysiological changes and the functional corrections happened
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